I won’t write loads about these, because 16 products is going to be a lot to write about but I did want to show you what I’ve got in both my Look Fantastic and Amazon beauty advent calendars for this year. I was going to break it down in to groups of 6 but, life, so I’ve got the first 8 days to show you today so I’ll aim for 8, 16 and 24.

If you want to know how I got both of my beauty advent calendars for a really bargain price then check out my post from a couple of weeks ago which you can find here. Both calendars have been lots of fun, and it’s been lovely opening them each day and exciting to see what is in each box. I’ve had a few days which I’ve been less enthusiastic about, for both of them, but for the most part I have loved a lot of the products.

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I mentioned, in my November Latest in Beauty subscription post, that I had re-subscribed after being drawn to the site by a new box, from LiB, curated by Cosmopolitan; the ‘Cosmopolitan Party Starter’ edit. I’ve not bought one of Latest in Beauty’s collections in a long time but this one really, really jumped out at me and I think, once you see it, you’ll see why! I just happened to be on the look out for a treat for myself, after getting a rather nasty biopsy done, and this couldn’t have popped up at a better time.

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Not long ago I accepted that I didn’t think I’d be getting any Beauty Advent Calendars this year. I waited too long, umming and ahhing over which to pick, and most of the affordable choices went out of stock whilst I was procrastinating. Until some rather fortuitous timing and bargains came my way, and now I have two of the most exciting looking advents to share with you this Christmas!

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A slightly different gift guide today! I was asked to trial some products which really lent themselves to Spoonies (Meaning the chronically ill – See Spoon Theory) this Christmas so I decided to build a whole gift guide around them and make it a self care gift guide. That doesn’t mean that this guide is only for the chronically ill, though, this is a list of gift ideas for anyone in your life who needs to rest, to take it easy. Maybe it is someone who’s ill, or maybe someone who works too hard or just doesn’t know when to look after themselves – This Christmas you can give them some products to help them take the hint, to get them to slow down and put themself first.

I’ve split the guide, loosely, in to categories – I’ve got creams and other things which should help more physically, things to boost the mood, then comfort items and, finally, entertainment. So if you’re here for just one of those categories you’ll see them as you keep scrolling.

If you are a Spoonie then make sure you share this with your friends and family so they have some hints and tips for what to get you this year – Some of these are a bit obvious, but, not all of them are. I had a good time trying to think of things that could really help people this Christmas.

As with my previous gift guide I’ll mark any products that were sent to me with a *, anything else I bought myself.  And if you’re looking for a more standard Gift Guide then check out my previous post which contains a huge range of ideas for lots of types of people.

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