Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Supporting Macmillan with the Jacques Vert Group's - Coat Walk on 4th October 2014

The Jacques Vert group have their second, annual Coat Walk in just under a month, on the 4th October 2014 - The event is limited as it only has 300 tickets available, and the £27 price of each ticket is donated to Macmillan, which really is a fantastic cause. It's not something I can attend as it's so far away and our funds are limited at the moment But I thought that it might still be something that you might all want to know about. 

If you've not heard of it before, it's a charity walk around St. James's Park, London, which is, then, followed by a celebrity-hosted fashion catwalk  and will showcase the new seasons coats from brands owned by the Jacques Vert group - Including Windsmoor, Kaliko, Jacques Vert, Planet and Precis Petite.

As well as the 40 minute walk, and the fashion show, there will be photo opportunities for the attendants, with the celebrity host, afternoon tea refreshments and the chance to buy a new coat in the shopping area with £10 from the sale of each coat going to Macmillan.

It seems like a fantastic day out for the fashion oriented amongst you, as well as the chance to meet new people and learn about the upcoming trends for the season - Above all, though, so much of the proceeds go towards Macmillan which is a fantastic cause, making this a great way to raise money for charity as well as being a fun day out.

If you want any more details, or to sign up, then go to www.coatwalk.com 

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*This post is written because it's something I think is worth promoting, I wasn't paid for this post in any way*

Monday, 15 September 2014

New 'Tin o'Tint' flavour from Miners Cosmetics - Strawberry* !

The first time I had hear of/seen anything about Miners was when I used to see the 'Tin o'Tint' tins in a pharmacy - There's something rather iconic about them, they're one of those items that many people seem to have heard of, even before they actively know of the brand.

The 'Tin o'Tint' balms already come in lots of flavours (Cherry, Mango, Watermelon, Grapefruit and Cocoa Bean) but it's just been released in a new scent/colour and that's Strawberry*!

As you'd expect the balm is a strawberry red/pink shade which is rather beautiful. The balm is a really sweet smelling strawberry, it's quite strong but in a nice way - It sticks around on the lips for a little while too.

The balm is really sheer if you apply just a small amount, in a thin layer, it'll add just the tiniest touch of  a tint. 

It doesn't take much more to build it up to a darker, more strawberry, shade - I really like the colour, not too red, not too pink, it really does look like you've been stained by strawberries. The balm isn't heavy on the lips and it feels nice to wear - I can see why they're such a well loved product.

These tins only cost £2.99 which is a great price - You can pick them up from the Miners Website as well as various pharmacies.

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*I was sent this item for mention on the blog but all opinions are my own*

Glossybox UK - September 2014 - Unboxing / Review

My Glossybox just arrived and I was so excited by it that I decided to photograph it Straight away rather than waiting for Doctor Who to finish... anyone who knows me knows that it's a big deal if something makes me want to do something whilst watching the Doctor.

The box, alone, this month, is absolutely stunning - It's an absolute work of art and that's because it was designed by Karen Millen which is a little bit special! 

My only disappointment, with the contents of the box, is that there's a spoiler on the other side of the 'coming next' card. I don't like spoilers, I avoid them like the plague and I wish I didn't know. I do like the idea of knowing next month's theme, though, and the idea of a Warhol inspired box is a little bit exciting.

I had a bit of a 'WOW' moment when I saw the Origins, I've never tried any Origins before despite Really wanting to so seeing that there's a sample in here was very exciting - Little did I know that when I looked past the Origins I'd see some other amazing products! 

First we have a bottle of the L'Oreal Professionnel 'Mythic Oil' - I like hair oils a whole lot so I was more than happy to see this in there, I like the brand L'Oreal, too, but haven't used a Lot of their hair products. This is a really impressive sized sample, you're only going to need a small amount of this so 45ml will go a long way. The full size is 125ml and costs £15.95. 

Yup, only a Full Sized Nails Inc polish next! I do like Nails Inc, as a brand, so I was very happy to see this in there. I have a Matte top coat but it's pretty old and was very cheap - I will be More than happy to try Nails Inc's offering! This is worth £12. 

Yay the Origins next! I have heard Lots about the 'Plantscription' range so to be able to try a 2 week sample of the 'Anti-aging Power Serum' makes me Very happy! 15ml is a nice sized sample, for a serum, so I do think 2 weeks is an accurate length of time. 

Another full sized product next - Model Co's 'More Brows Fibre Gel' is my next item and it's in the shade medium dark which is a darker, cool toned shade which should be perfect for my brows. 

I'm not 100% sure about having additional fibres in my brows but I'm happy to give it a go. This is worth £14.95.

I definitely don't mind getting some sachet samples when I've got two, good value, full sized items and two good sized samples in the box too. These are samples of SkinPep's 'Enzyme and Acid Peel' and 'Dark Circle Eraser' - The card lists that the 3.5ml sachets of the peel are worth £3.05 and the 2ml sachet of the eye cream is worth £6.49... And yes, I mean the sachets, not the full sized products. Safe to say they're the highest value sachets I've ever owned!!

Anyway, yes, I love the box. Surprise surprise. I like the variety of products, the types of products that they are and the value is very impressive. I also Love the box which will have to find a nice home in my collection. Very good month for me! 

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A quick look at... The 'Firming Flax Serum' by Living Nature*

This is only going to be a quick post as I've only been able to use the product for a short while - I'm planning on trying to use more sample sized products so I expect to be doing more 'A quick look at' posts in the future.

I was sent these snap packs of the Living Nature 'Firming Flax Serum'* and I thought I'd only get three uses out of them - Thankfully, as I found out, I was able to get a few uses out of each of them so I was able to use these for about a week. I'd normally want to use skincare for much longer in order to give an effective review which is why I'm only able to a shorter look at it.

The serum has Harakeke flax gel, active manuka honey and rosehip oil in it which is a really impressive trio of ingredients. The flax gel is meant to act as an astringent to close pores, the manuka honey is nourishing and the rosehip oil is rejuvenating.

As I say, I used this for a week - A lot of the time I used this with a BB cream so I didn't use a moisturiser, just the serum and then the BB Cream so the results I got made me feel even more impressed. Obviously it's not possible to tell, in full detail, how good a skincare product is in only a week but I do feel like it had my skin feeling much more hydrated and just much healthier. I really liked it, in the time that I used it, and definitely want to try a full size in the future.

You can find it at Botanical Brands HERE

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*I was sent these samples to trial but opinions are my own*

Sunday, 14 September 2014

My week in Instagram pictures - 14th September 2014

I'm stretching the term, a little, calling this a week in Instagram pictures but I don't think 'A week and a half in Instagram pictures' has quite the same ring to it so I'm just going to allow myself a little creative license I think! If you don't already follow me on Instagram, please do (HERE), I'm really starting to use it more. I want to use it to share blog posts more, I just need to get in to the habit - But even without that I use it to post little snippets which might be the pre-cursor to blog posts or just nice little things in life.

Board games with my husband | Starting my Bootea teatox | Daddy letting Ethan play with is lego
Ethan in a Pokemon plane | Ethan's first Day of school | Mummy reminiscing about 4 years ago
My Stunning new Olivia Burton watch from TimeByMe* | Selfie with Ethan | Ethan's new shoes

It's been a tough few weeks, with him starting school (as illustrated in my last post HERE) - I just don't feel ready for him to be at school and with someone else more than me. He's still part time until October and he might be part time longer due to toilet troubles but I still just feel totally unprepared. The fact that his attitude stinks does not help but not much I can do about that other than be consistent and still sneak in as many cuddles as possible.

But on the flip side it's also been a great few weeks, some time with Azii, some family time, being Insanely lucky with some ops and with meeting some incredibly generous people. I still feel so so sad at him being big enough to be at school, and building a bond with a teacher whilst he's naughty with us at home... but I want to keep things positive - I'm going to use the time that he's in school to really get my blog in order, market myself more, be more social. I'm also waiting on some books I've ordered to try and lure myself in to getting that creative spark back - On being able to write fiction again, like I used to do many years ago.

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