Thursday, 31 July 2014

Surviving the summer with Protest* - Clothing review and Sunglasses Giveaway

It'd be hard not to notice that we're in the height of summer at the moment, the temperatures we're getting up to are pretty impressive by the UK standards and to be having hot weather for this long at once is rather rare too! I'm not someone who copes too well with hot weather, I'll never be a beach bunny, but even I can appreciate the beauty in a good bikini! The European clothing company Protest has a really large range of bikinis and other beachwear or, if you prefer the cooler climes, they have a massive range of ski wear too - Catering for both halves of the year.

Now I'm not a bikini wearer, even when I've had my body at its best I never was, I've just never had the confidence. I've never Really liked my legs, I have super pale, rough, blotchy skin on my legs and it doesn't look that nice. Now that I've put weight on again Very recently, it's just not really likely to happen any time soon. That said, though, there's plenty of ways that someone for who doesn't want to 'bare their bod' to make use of a bikini even if it's just to look at it longingly and think 'One day I'll feel confident enough, one day'.

And this is the set that Protest sent me. It's called the Tropical Triangle Bikini (£39.99) and I was sent it in True black but it also comes in 'Goldfish', 'Tropical', 'Aqua Azure' and 'Island Blue'. All of the other shades look beautiful but I'm quite glad that I got it in black as it's timeless and understated but with that lovely colourful detailing in the plaited trim. 

I've always loved the appearance of triangle bikinis but they're not known for being massively flattering unless you have a larger chest, which I do not, so when I found that this one had a discreet amount of padding, which really made the shape work, I was rather happy. The main thing, though, that struck me about this bikini is the quality. I've had a bikini from primark before (which I never wore) but you could tell it was cheap as the fabric felt really cheap and it looked cheap too whereas the quality of the fabric on this piece is miles ahead; I was actually surprised at how nice the fabric feels and even just at how well finished all of the little details are. It might be a little under £40 but if you're someone who wants to have one really good quality bikini rather than lots of cheaper ones then you're really going to see/feel the difference with this one.

Now just because I said I don't wear bikinis in the standard sense doesn't mean that I haven't made use of this beauty -  In this heat the bikini top is an absolute saviour to go underneath lighter and more sheer tops as the breathable fabric just feels so so much nicer on the skin than a bra would. And, one day, I will battle my confidence and I Will wear a bikini and knowing that it's this gorgeous one will definitely help to spur me on!

As well as the bikini Protest sent me this little pack of wrist bands which were listed at £12.99 (but don't seem to be on the side anymore) - I used to wear jewellery like this all the time when I was younger so it was really nice to get something of this style to re-awaken my love for beach style bracelets. 

As you can see two of them are more simple, just being made of a shiny chord but the other three have a bit more to them, My favourites are the beaded one and the one that's woven into an intricate wave pattern. I do like all of them, though, the green and orange colour theme is really summery and fresh and together the set has a really fun feel to it. Definitely the sort of thing I'll wear all of the time and proof that even if you're not a beach lover then a company like Protest can still be for you. 

Now it goes without saying that this chunky knit woolen hat isn't really summer wear... don't worry I'm not about to try and convince you that this is the new trend. But the lovely people over at Protest kindly sent me this pink hat as well as the more summery pieces and I am rather pleased by that! I spent a lot of the previously cooler seasons looking for the right hat, as most make me feel daft, and I actually have fallen for this one straight away! I love the colour, the chunky knit and the fact that it is a beanie style as well as having a fun bobble. This has isn't on their website, at the moment, but they have a large range of other designs, and colours, which are currently reduced, so if you're on the look out for something that is amazing quality for the cooler seasons then it'd be worth taking a look. All of my other attempted hats have been from cheaper places and, so, having one of this sort of a quality makes as rather nice change for me and I'll try my best to do a hat selfie once woollen hat weather rolls back around.

I'm massively impressed with the items that Protest sent me, the quality of each and every piece shines through. I've never been so tempted by a bikini as I am with this one and, hopefully, if I can get my body back in to shape I'll be able to wear it soon. With the hat I'm hardly crazy to usher in the colder weather but I Am looking forward to the sort of weather where I can wear this lovely hat! But before I ramble on any more... here's the giveaway.

Now the last item that they sent me is something that I can't use at all and that's down to my silly silly eyes. They sent me the really cool womens sunglasses which you can see above. With my heavy prescription glasses and lack of contact lenses a pair of sun glasses is something that I just won't be able to use at all, sadly. But, clever ole me, thought this would be a good opportunity to give something nice to one of you so I asked if it would be ok for me to run a giveaway for these and, so, you've got a chance to win them for yourself!

I'm going to run the giveaway for a little less time than normal, just under two weeks, as any longer might risk you getting them once the weather has cooled and you're going to want to make use of these lovely glasses before we lose the fab weather!

- You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
- The Giveaway is open to residents of the UK only
- The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter
- There will be one winner
- The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another      winner will be drawn.
- The giveaway runs until midnight on 12th August 2014

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*These items were sent to me for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Makeup revolution - Beauty Giveaway

I definitely wasn't planning to have another big giveaway so soon after my Summer Beauty Giveaway ended but it looks like it's not up to me! When the fab team over at Makeup Revolution sent me out a massive bundle of their base products to try out there was a bit of a mix up at the warehouse and it all got sent out Twice!! As such I have a huge bundle of base products that I don't need and it was suggested I run a giveaway with it which is a rather awesome idea.

I know not everyone will be able to use every item of the bundle due to shades and the likes so I bought a few extra bits to add to it so that it'd be nicer for more of you (and if you won you could share the bits you couldn't use with friends etc) so here's what's up for grabs.

A rather nice bundle of goodies if I do say so myself! As you can see there's a few base bits but there's a nice number of things that'd suit people who don't have the same fair skin as me, too.

First up we've got the concealer products. It's hard to miss that big 'Cover & Conceal' palette which is a rather good thing to win even on its own - It's in the Fair shade set and has 8 different concealer shades (You can see my review here)

As well as that there's two Focus & Fix liquid concealers in '01 Fairest' and '02 Fair' and a Matte effect concealer in '02 Fair'

Next up we have three more base products starting with the Ultra Face Base Primer as well as the Pressed powder in the shade 'Porcelaine' and then the Ultra Face Base Foundation in 'FB 02' which is the palest pink toned shade.

Lastly we've got the three extras which I picked up myself which are the Glitter nail polish in 'Heart Is Gold' a powder blush in 'Sugar' and a single shadow in 'Promised Land'. I own, and like, all three of these myself so I hope whoever wins does too.

The base products are all relatively new so this'd be a great opportunity to pick up a whole range of things all at once as well as a few extra, colourful bits as an added bonus.

- You must be 18 or over to enter the giveaway
- The Giveaway is open to residents of the UK only
- The winner will be picked via Rafflecopter
- There will be one winner
- The winner will have 28 days to respond to my email informing them of the win, if they do not respond another winner will be drawn.
- The giveaway runs until midnight on 26th August 2014

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*Some of these products were supplied by the company and some were bought with my own money*

Friday, 25 July 2014

Makeup Revolution - 'Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette'* in light - Review

This is only going to be a quick one but I wanted to share my thoughts on the Makeup Revolution 'Ultra Cover and Conceal' palette with you. It comes in three shade sets in light, light - medium and medium - dark which offers a fantastic shade range (The light starts at super light and the dark goes really really dark, fantastic!)

The palette is housed in this big, strong case with a shiny finish to it (not great for finger prints, dust and reflections, sorry!), it feels like fantastic quality and it has a massive, full sized mirror inside. These amazing palettes cost only £6!

With my super pale skin there was never any question as to what shade set I'd get, everything in this post is showing you the shades from the light palette

Obviously the only draw back with a palette like this is that you won't need all of the shades, but at the bargain price that's hardly going to cause a big problem. I've found, though, that I definitely use more shades than you might think.

As you can see there's nice coverage from these. They're very creamy and if you don't get enough coverage to begin with you can definitely build these due to the fantastic formula.

I find that I use the latest shade, on the top left, on the brow bone and down the centre of the nose for a highlight with coverage. The second shade is the one I use to cover blemishes and then the second one in on the bottom line is what I use for the under eye as it has a slightly more peachy tone to it which is why is needed to balance out the blue tones we get under our eyes.

I really like these concealers and they're delightful to blend in to the skin. Due to them being creamy you need to set them with a powder but that's the same with a lot of my favourite concealers and I don't see it as a bad thing as it'll give you a longer lasting look.

Honestly I can't quite believe this only costs £6, when I knew it was being released I really expected it to cost more. There's nothing about this palette that feels cheap, at all, either. I am intent on finding ways to use the  other shades as I just can't help trying to make the most out of these things, haha! Definitely a winner for me, being the absolute concealer addict that I am. 

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*This product was sent for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wantable* in the UK - July 2014 - Unboxing / Review

Really sorry but I've had so many delays this past few weeks so my Wantable box post is going up quite late. As such the selection of items available might have changed as if you sub now it'll probably be for the August box - That said, there's often a big range of products available so everyone's box tends to vary so when I share my box with you it's only offering an idea of what you could get. I'm sure that the items available for August will be equally as beautiful as the ones this month!

If you decide to sign up to the service then if you use my code I'll get some credits towards getting another box of my own and I'd Really really appreciate that!

A box is $36 but with shipping to the UK it costs £50.20 which, when converted, costs around £30. Obviously that's quite a bit of money but you do end up with a lot for your money - This box definitely feels worth £30, let me show you what I got! 

A necklace, two bracelets and a head band - Rather impressive I think and I'm crazily in love with some of these items, as well as quite in love with some of the others! 

This pink and black headband is one of the items that I love love love! I often can't wear head bands but one this slim still works in my hair and I love the floral design! It feels really well made and I'm hoping it'll last forever and ever as I want to wear it very very regularly - I mean look how pretty! 

I think this is my favourite item in the box; I don't have many statement necklaces and this one is just beautiful. With the green stones and the brassy metal it's just gorgeous and I've worn it with various tops and dresses already, it really dresses up a plainer piece of clothing and really does draw the eye. Honestly, I wear this at any chance I get, it's true love. 

This, simple, charm bracelet is a really delicate but interesting piece. I love the heart, arrow and feather charms plus the little pearl-like bead which adds a slight touch of different colour. I don't have any sort of charm bracelet so this is a very welcome addition to my jewellery collection, especially as it's not over the top, I'm definitely not a fan of over the top charm bracelets for myself (though they suit other people beautifully)

This twist style bracelet was the item that didn't catch my eye as much as the others in the box but, the more I look at it the more I like it. It almost seems like it could be nautical in style, looking like a twisted/knotted rope. When I wear support bandages on my wrists it's really nice to have something bigger to wear as most things don't stand out against the bandage. I think I'll end up pairing this with my lace backed, black skater dress, I just feel like it'd really work!

I absolutely loved this box and all of the items in it! Ooh Wantable, you keep making it very difficult to not keep getting the boxes! 

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*I was sent this box for the purpose of review but my thoughts on it are entirely my own*

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review of the delicious 'Vanilla and Honey' lip balm from Bee Good*

You'd have to be a bit daft if you didn't realise that I was a big fan of the Bee Good products - Maybe if you hadn't seen the previous posts I'd forgive you but you definitely should have seen them because the products I've been lucky enough to review in the past have been fantastic (Honey and Wild Flax moisturiser HERE and Honey & Propolis cleanser HERE)

Thus far I've found that the range works wonderfully as well as smelling beautiful and being really nice to use. As such, when the 'Vanilla and Honey lip balm' arrived through my door I was rather happy. I'm such a lip balm addict (collection post will happen one day) and I have been obsessed with anything honey for a long time, add that to the fact that it's from a brand I already quite love... very happy!

As I've extolled in past posts, this company is fabulous for using British Bees and helping to support the bee population as well as using more locally sourced ingredients rather than sourcing things from over seas. The ethics of the company is something that makes me really happy. Thankfully the product themselves make me happy too. 

As you should be able to see in the photo the balm has a translucent, waxy formula and is homed in a standard tube with an easy to use applicator. I had expected it to have more of a creamy formula but I really couldn't tell you why.

This balm couldn't have arrived at a better time. It arrived not long before our beach trip on which I got rather painfully burned. My face was really well protected, thanks to my sun screen, but sadly there was no spf in the lip product I had been using (very very silly mistake) and my lips were the driest, most dehydrated that I'd had them in years.

To get them better I used a variety of favourite lip products but I let this Bee Good balm do a good amount of the work as I thought this was the best way to test it out. And it did Good! After a week of applying lip balms on a really regular basis my lips were back to normal and no longer leathery and sore - Thank goodness for that, honestly it hurt so much and I couldn't wear any lip products as everything looked awful!

The balm melts on the warmth of the skin and becomes a little like an oil but it sinks into the lips really nicely. It leaves an oily residue after use so I wouldn't recommend it before putting a lipstick on (though you could just wipe the excess off), I'd more suggest it as an evening balm or for during the day when you're wearing something more glossy or balmy in nature.

It smells just as good as you'd hope and feels really really good on the lips. The fact that it worked so well when my lips were So bad is a pretty good indicator for me, it's now become my handbag staple for when my lips really need hydrating (I often forget to reapply lipsticks so I'll just use a balm to keep my lips moisturised instead)

The balm costs £4.75 which I consider to be a really decent price for something so effective but, also, so natural and ethically good. If you're a big fan of the balm or if your friends want to try it, too, then you can buy it in a triple back for £10.50, HERE, which gives a surprisingly good saving (You know I'm tempted and if I didn't have so many lip balms already...)

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*I was sent this product for the purpose of review but all opinions are my own*
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