Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Brand new Book Subscription box from 'Crime on the Pages' - July 2016 Unboxing / Review and Book giveaway!

Ok, so here's some honesty. I just wrote a 7 paragraph long opener about this post and, then, deleted it because who wants to read 7 paragraphs before they get to the unboxing in a subscription box post. So intro coming up, which contains a money off code and a more brief explanation.

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to introduce you to the brand new, very shiny 'Crime On The Pages' subscription box (July is their first ever box) as I've been hoping for a UK based book subscription box for so so long and was so happy to see one arrive. So much so that I subscribed instantly because I was far too excited and wanted to make sure I got the first box. At a later date, though, I saw that they were looking for a rep and I just had to apply, though thought I had no chance, but what do I know! I paid for this box but as of next month I am the official rep for this fabulous start up brand, and I couldn't be happier. 

If you decide to subscribe then you can use the code PETITMOI (until 28th September 2016) to get 5% off your first box/order. Each box will contain a new release crime or thriller novel along with at least two booky bits, as you'll see the box for July was fantastic and very imaginative. There's no spoilers because each month is paid for in advance, so if you subscribe before the 28th July then you'll get August's box, but from 29th July onwards you'll get Septembers box. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

Sassybloom box for a 4 month old - Oliver's subscription box

I love subscription boxes, the surprise, the excitement of opening it and finding out what's inside, it's great. As such, when I knew there was baby subscription boxes, in the form of Sassy Bloom, I knew we needed to try it out for a few months. The box is £29.99 but promises that you'll get a value of over £40 so it's a good deal, though because it's pricey we're probably going to get a few months, take a break and then get a few more months when he's a bit older. The boxes are awesome, though. 

A subscription like this wouldn't really have suited Ethan as he wasn't the sort of baby that actively played with toys. Oliver, on the other hand, just loves toys. I mean he Really loves toys and he plays with them exactly as they were intended. As such this box has been perfect for him. 

Friday, 1 July 2016

Treat Box from Not Shabby Very Chic - July 2016 Unboxing / Review

I have a number of posts on the back burner, for you, but I have a nice quick one to share today. I've really been enjoying my Treat Box subscription from Not Shabby Very Chic and, again, I'm at the point where I need to decide whether or not to keep my subscription going. There has been the odd month where I only like half of the items, rather than all of them, but there hasn't, yet, been a month in which I haven't liked it at all. I really enjoy the boxes and the kinds of items included. 

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Our May 2016 Overview on Instagram

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder so, hopefully, you've all been missing me dreadfully as I've been very, very absent!
Due to all the health stuff (see here for a little more info), I've not been able to blog much but I've, really, been feeling the loss of being able to keep in touch with people and share what's going on with us. As such I've turned to Instagram a lot more (You can find me as Petitmoi_bigworld) and it's really been filling that void. 
I used to do Instagram overview posts, so I want to start doing that again as a way to do a nice, easy, post and a little life update. 

As you can see the month was rather Oliver focused, but being the photogenic little guy that he is it's hard not to want to snap away. Daddy makes him smile an awful lot so I've managed to capture some great smiling shots this month as well as his celebratory picture for May the 4th. 

Oliver isn't the only one who's been Star Wars oriented, this month, though, as Ethan's been all about the Star Wars (As always). He's been getting down with his creative side, drawing awesome little Star Wars scenes with the stationery he got for his birthday. As well as that he managed to reach his birthday money and pocket money saving amount so he was able to get his very, very, cool At-At remote controlled toy. 

I spent some of my birthday money in May and one of the big purchases was this, absolutely gorgeous, leaf necklace from Tatty Devine which I just can't get enough of (even if it's not particularly seasonal). You may also notice the, not particularly in character, selfie which was inspired by a new hair cut - New hair does wonders for the self esteem! 

I've also been trying to pick up my crochet a little more this month. I'm still so much slower than my friends but I've made good progress on this rainbow star, baby blanket that I've been working on as a surprise for someone (don't worry, they won't see this). Also, lastly, if you look at the top corner, can you see how much Oliver looks like I did when I was a baby! I can't quite believe the similarity. 
I've got a couple of blog posts planned, but we'll see what happens as to when they get done. But if you want to keep in touch then pop on over to Instagram and say hello! 
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Saturday, 14 May 2016

My Spring / Summer handbag pick from House of Fraser - Ollie & Nic 'Monroe: Cross Body' in Light Blue

First things first, I love bags. Even before I enjoyed fashion, when clothes were a thing of practicality but little else, I loved bags. And now that I love fashion I really, really love bags! In fact, when I get a new bag my husband groans because he believes I have enough bags (he is wrong). 
House of Fraser, very kindly, asked if I'd like to look at their handbags and, possibly, feature one of them. Azii may have had a couple of words to say about it but it would've been wrong to say no, I'm sure you agree. Even just the act of looking through all the bags, deciding what brands to look at, what styles and colours to consider, the act of shopping for bags is tonnes of fun, for me, and I spent ages going through the different categories, looking at different colours etc. Thankfully the House of Fraser website is really easy to navigate otherwise I'd have been there for days.