Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ethan's Dream Lego home

Well, here I am, at last, to share another post with you. Except I got my dates mixed up and the last entry for this competition was three days ago, so we've missed out on a chance to win £150 of Toys R Us vouchers with Ocean Finance (here), absolutely gutted! 
I'll still share our post with you, though, as we were kindly sent the lego to make the house and Ethan loved building it and deciding which rooms he wanted included. Honestly, I can't believe we missed the date, I could cry! (Can we call this the first public episode of baby brain?)
But never mind, I think the house that Ethan built is fantastic and I'm sure you'll agree. I'll be honest, he did get some help from Daddy with the logistics, but it was based entirely around Ethan's ideas and the rooms he wanted to incorporate. 

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The reason for my absence - A little announcement

Ok, so the title is misleading, the announcement is a pretty big one, but the subject of the announcement is rather small! You may have noticed that I've been very, very absent from the blog for quite some time, now, and I feel really bad about that but I've been so so poorly - I've been so sick, barely able to eat and have had little to no energy so it's been so difficult to try and get anything done. 
And this is the reason why...

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Adorable new Bing toys by Fisher Price - At The Entertainer

We were thrilled to be asked to review some toys from The Entertainer; as a toy shop I've frequented, even before Ethan was born, this was an ideal opportunity. We were asked to try out some of the new Bing toys which have been released to support the books and the subsequent TV series. 

These might, otherwise, have seemed a bit young for Ethan but he's grown up with the Bing books and loved the tv show so I thought he'd still really enjoy playing with them. As well as that Skye absolutely loves rabbits so I thought she'd like to play with them too.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Summer ready skin with 7th Heaven (Formerly Montagne Jeunesse) 'Pineapple Peel-Off' face masks

I have to say I had no idea that Montagne Jeunesse had re-named to become '7th Heaven', it feels a little odd considering they've been the main sachet masks that I've known about for many many years, but the new name is nice and there's no doubting that it's the same company when you look at the packaging and branding; you won't suddenly not notice them in the stores!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Birchbox UK - Unboxing / Review - July 2015 'Make a Splash'

It's beauty box time, already, rather impressed that Birchbox is back in to sending out in the first week of the month rather than the second and third as many of us had become accustomed to! 

I had known that we were getting bags, this month, with our Birchbox, but in the past that's been a bag in a box so I was rather confused when I got a padded envelope delivered by Yodel and I wasn't expecting anything that size... Until I opened it and was greeted with a beautiful turquoise/mint green bag filled with products. 

This has been my favourite Birchbox, or should I say Birchbag, for ages so I am really, really pleased with it, if you like it and decide to sign up then please consider using my referral code which will get both yourself and myself £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop: