Monday, 22 December 2014

My December Degustabox Unboxing

I am loving being sent these Degustabox subscription boxes - There's not been a single item, thus far, that I've really disliked, which is impressive when you think about it! I love that you get a mix of snacks and some cupboard items which add to your normal repertoire and give you something different, and interesting, to cook with plus the odd little extra different thing. It's a fantastic idea for someone who needs things shaking up, or who has a limited budget but wants some extras to make their food more interesting. For £12.99 a month you get an exciting, mystery foody box which I think is a rather good bargain and if you want to get £3 off you can use my code: 9NS65

Cute little Christmas sticker to seal up the box, this month, and is there festive treats inside?

Snacky things first! There's only a few snack bits in the box, but at this time of year I expect lots of our homes are brimming with sweet and savoury treats, already, so we're unlikely to be lacking!

I have a real soft spot for Bahlsen biscuits, I get sent them via their book club and other things and they make really, really delicious products - The 'Choco Leibniz' biscuits are something we've often bought because there's something rather addictive about their mix of buttery biscuit and delicious chocolate and so we're not complaining at getting these. The caramel ones... my goodness the caramel ones are just amazing. If you've people coming over for Christmas then these would be great and if you don't like mince pies then maybe Santa would like a couple of these biccies left out for him instead, haha. Packs of these cost £1.79 each.

Pop Chips are something else I really enjoy, they're light but full of flavour - Very pleased that I got the Barbeque flavour as this is my absolute favourite when it comes to these. These'd be lovely to share if you have guests, or maybe if you have a snacky evening meal on Christmas day (like we do) or... if you're like me they might be a great accompaniment to watching Masterchef in the evening, hehe. These large bags cost £1.79.

Drinks next - A good drink is something that a lot of people enjoy over the festive period and these offerings seem to suit nicely.

The Eusberg 'Riesling Italico' alcohol free wine might not make everyone excited, lots of people want them some booze over Christmas, but I was Very happy to see this. Just as I was learning to enjoy the taste of wine I started taking medication which reacted really badly to it and, so, I can't drink it any more! As such,something that tastes similar but has no alcohol in, is the perfect thing for me to sip of an evening, or enjoy on Christmas day when others have a drink. These bottles cost £3.49.

Next up is four cans of Glo Worm  stimulating drinks. These are supposed to be great as mixers with a spirit and, each, has a spirit which they go better with. We have four flavours (Nice to not get all the same) which are 'Pear, Spice & Lime', 'Ginger & Lemongrass', 'Cucumber & Apple' and 'Raspberry & Orris'. I don't drink a lot so I'm not sure I'll use these with their alcoholic counterparts but the flavours sound amazing so I think I'll give them a go on their own - These sound great for someone who likes a good mixer, though, and they're £1.50 a can.

Lastly we have a box of Pukka Herbs tea - I have a Lot of boxes of their teas but I've not tried this flavour before. 'Clean Green' sounds like a lovely, fresh way to start the morning, especially during a time of over indulgence, haha! When we've had a lot of good food, and sometimes a few drinks, it can be lovely to have something tasty, and uplifting, the next morning so I can imagine this'll be a saviour of many this year. These boxes cost £2.39.

Cupboard items, next. We have another item from Kent's Kitchen this month, which I'm not unhappy with. I think their flavour shots, curry kits etc are just fantastic and it's so nice to have everything you need all in one set - In this Madras set there's an infused oil, a curry paste and some spices which, with some meat, will make a tasty meal. I am wondering if a Madras will be too warm for the whole family but it smells Amazing. These kits are £2.50.

Ethan is obsessed with marmalade - He's always liked to steal some of Grandma's toast when she has it with marmalade on and we've been reading Paddington recently which has increased the obsession. As such this is rather perfect for us to get, this will  be lovely to have on toast on Christmas morning, after we've opened stockings but before we've gone down down for the rest of presents. I also think this rather lovely Bonne Maman course marmalade would be delicious to use as an ingredient if you're doing some festive baking, I'm thinking marmalade loaf cake... mmmm. These jars are £2.30.
Another breakfast item is this sachet of Oats from The Chia Co is rather intriguing. I've tried Chia seeds, before, and have considered getting some to use more regularly but not got around to it - They're something where you might struggle to work out how to add them in to your diet so this porridge could be a really interesting way to include them in your diet. Mixed berry flavour sounds lovely and you only need to add water so I don't need to worry about getting special milk to take it with - These sachets are £1.70. (We also got a little tube of the seeds, on their own, which will be good to try out again)

Lastly we have a bottle of Frylight Garlic infused oil. I had absolutely no idea you could get flavour infused versions of these oil sprays so this was an interesting one for me. I couldn't help but open the bottle to give it a sniff and WOW, the smell is amazing! I half thought that because it's a 'light' product the flavour/scent would be light, too, but oh no it smells phenomenal. We've not cooked with it yet but I've got a number of ideas of how it'll work with various things, can't wait to see how this adds to the flavour of a dish. These bottles cost £2.

I like this box a lot, there's things in there for everyone (Or just for me if I steal them, of course!) - Plenty of lovely things to use within a festive setting, or just to enhance the every day. The value of the items comes in at well over £20 so you're getting really great value for money, too.

If you want to check Degustabox out then there Facebook is here, and their Twitter is here

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I was sent this box for consideration for review purposes - All opinions are honest and are my own. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Digital scales with an Electro-Mechanical Dial from Ozeri - My Thoughts

Scales are one of those things that seem to be a real enemy for a lot of people, women especially, as so many of us obsess over our weight. It's for that reason that I've never owned my own scales, and always used my Mum's but, since my meds helped me put a lot of weight on, I feel like I want to be able to keep an eye on my weight - I'm not dieting, I'm trying to not go overboard with the food but I'm not being strict, yet, so I think I can use the scales healthily. Although so many people make the scales the bad guy, something really important that we need to learn is that it's up to us, we don't have to check them Every day and obsess over every lb, we just need to use them constructively and not obsess too much haha.

These Digital scales with an Electro-Mechanical Dial, which I was sent, are really different from any scales I've seen before (and I do like different) - I, instantly, loved that these have a massive mechanical dial as well as the digital, I like a dial as you can have a more physical representation of things but then the digital means that you can see with much better detail and precision.

The scales will take weights up to 400lb which gives plenty of leeway for the majority of people. it takes 3 AAA batteries and it automatically turns off after you've used it - all of these are really handy features which are good to know about with things like this.

My favourite thing about these scales is the Massive area of the glass plate which makes up the standing area - Both sets of scales that my Mum has had have had a much smaller area to stand on and I have really bad balance, especially when I have to stand with my feet closer together. So with this Ozeri scale there's plenty of room to stand without feeling like I'm going to fall off! I also think it has a really nice look to it, much prettier than other scales I've seen.

The glass is impact-resistant and is tempered for strength which is really important but I'm still trying to make sure Ethan doesn't bounce about on them haha.

The dial makes a really satisfying whirr when it goes around which is totally unimportant but it's something I like - No idea why, I just do!

The dial is huge which is fantastic, if you don't have perfect sight then this lit up, huge dial will make it much easier to see. As well as this there's another feature which would be great for those who're dieting more religiously; there's an alarm built in which will go off the same time every day to remind you to weigh yourself - I'm not sure this will be something I'll use but I can see how it'd be a great feature.

The other button on the back of the dial changes the weight between kg and lb - This might not be ideal for people who use stone but, if you're not comfortable with the conversion, yourself, then you can get apps on your phone which make it easy to do it in no time at all. It's not ideal but it doesn't stop them being useful and I'd happily trade that for the big standing area as that makes a massive difference for me!

Very impressed with these, very glad to have them, and it stops me having to go up to my Mum and her husband's room for scales - And when I do decide to be more strict with myself they'll be even more handy. You can pick them up from Amazon for £19.99

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I was sent this for consideration for review purposes but all opinions are honest and are my own. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

You can't forget the pets this Christmas! Pet Present Finder fun *

You've seen me write Beauty gift guides, ones for the children, food, stocking fillers... but what about the animals?! I have to say it wasn't at the top of my list of potentials, simply  because we stopped buying Christmas gifts for our cats a few years ago (gosh don't I feel guilty admitting it?!) - Our cats are both a bit old now, well mine isn't but she acts as though she is, they rarely like to play and when they do they'll do it for a few seconds but once they realise someone's watching them they suddenly go aloof again - A bit like a tween who's grown out of her barbies.

I used to love buying gifts for the cats, though, and back when we had a dog I loved the doggie stockings you can get them. At the end of the day, for a lot of us, pets are a big part of the family so why on earth wouldn't we buy them gifts? (Unless they're moody what-have-yous of course)

Morethan have a really fun app* which will give you the chance to find the best gift for your pet, and no I'm not being over enthusiastic when I say that it's fun, it actually is. Like I said, I've not bought presents for our cats for a while, too many toy mice have been adopted by Ethan because the cats prefer sweetie wrappers. But I've had loads of fun going through the different options and seeing what's recommended - You can pick between dog or cat and then you can pick the type of gift that you like and the budget that you have and the app gives you recommendations based on those criteria.

Now that I've looked through the gifts on the app I quite wish that I did buy gifts for the cats but everything that I've loved has been big and we just don't have the space... maybe when we move out I can get something for them as my Mum would have loads more space and who wouldn't want a kittie sail boat?! Look how much fun this is - It's got the necessary compartmentalising that cats love as well as things to sit on and things that dangle down.... 'arrr meow!' This was only £9.99 and I expected it to be much more. 

This is something I wish we'd known about back when Penny was smaller because her favourite game was when I put my hand under the duvet and moved it around, she loves chasing things underneath something and this toy simulates that perfectly - I'm sure she'd not play with it any more, moody little fur ball but if I had even an inkling that she would I'd want to have this... must think of the space, must think of the space! Coming in at £16.99, I was quite impressed with the price of this too! 

This weird looking contraption would actually be more of a benefit for me than for the cat - It's supposed to massage the cat and give them lots of textures to rub against. If you have a cat then you'll know that rubbing up against things is an absolute favourite for them... especially laptops when you're writing and cups of tea that'll scald the both of you if they don't let up! As such something that the cat can rub against without causing mayhem and destruction is something I can imagine lots of people loving and for £7.99 what's stopping you?

This might look more like something you'd buy for your baby than for your cat but, we also love multi-use products?! The ball that zooms around this track lights up which will definitely get the attention of the ba... I mean feline around your home - I can imagine a lot of cats would, literally, sit and watch this zoom around and around for hours, and sometimes they might even lift a paw to try and attack it... though that would be a lot of work! For £11.90 I'm really impressed with this, I'd have expected it to be much more.

And that's just a small selection of the things you'll find on the Morethan app, I've not even shown you half of the toys, there's tonnes of treats, weird and wonderful gadgets and some seriously wacky items too - Not to mention there's the dog section and that over £20 section as well. If you want to buy something for your beloved pet then this'd be a great place to get ideas and if you don't want to buy for your pet then this app could still give you a bit of a giggle like it did me!

In case you didn't see the links above it's here:

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*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are honest and totally my own*

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Gorgeous gifts from Roger & Gallet this Christmas - Fleur de Figuier and Sorbet Body Lotion

I discovered Roger & Gallet via beauty boxes (surprise surprise) and was instantly impressed... when I later got a sample of the 'Fleur De Figuier' in a subsequent beauty box I fell in love! I don't spent a lot of money on fragrances because I often get given them as gifts at Christmas or birthdays so it's always difficult to justify spending money on a scent. And then along came the wedding! I realised I wasn't sure what I was going to wear and my mind always drifted back to Fleur De Figuier and when I found it for a reasonable price... it was mine!

When I got offered the chance to share some Roger & Gallet products with you, as gift ideas, I had no idea at all that I'd be sent something quite as amazing as this. The Moment I opened the package I Knew it was to do with Fleur de Figuier due to the beautiful raspberry and lime colouring, I'd recognise it in an instant.

The gorgeous gift box contains three products which make up a really nice set as a gift for someone - A 50ml shower cream, 100ml fragrance and a 50ml moisturiser. With those three products you can be sure the person you gift this to will be smelling gorgeous all day.

The scent, obviously, reminds me of my wedding day, now, which is always going to make it special to me but I was in love with the scent way before then. For a long time I've known that fig scented products were incredibly popular but they always seemed out of my price range when I found ones I wanted to try - The Fleur de Figuier scent is a combination of the fig fruit, caraway seeds, grapefruit, fig leaves and musk which work together to make a scent that's fruity and fresh but still warm and sweet.

I class this as a scent that works for both summer and winter because it has the lightness of the fruit but also the warmth of musk and, as well as that, the fig has always seemed like rather a wintery fruit to me (though I could be completely wrong with my association!).

This set costs £32 from FeelUnique (free postage over £10) and it'd make a really beautiful gift for a loved one - The box brings it together and displays it perfectly and then getting the three products together is just perfect. You can get these in a number of other scents, too, if fig isn't what you think your loved one would like. I really want to try 'Gingembre Rouge' in the future; I remember a sample being amazing.

If you're looking to get just one item, and have a slightly smaller budget, then these new 'Sorbet Body Lotions' could be worth considering. They offer 24hr hydration due to the mix of naturally derived oils and aloe vera - What's really interesting about this, above all else, is that the light formula becomes even lighter upon use and is likened to having a water-like texture which is unlike anything I've ever used before.

In the winter it's even more important that we moisturise more as our skin is even more likely to become dry due to the cold weather - But despite that we still don't, always, want something heavy on our skin so something light, and refreshing like this could be perfect on a winter morning when you're in a hurry and want to keep soft without being weighted down by a thicker formula.

I was sent a sorbet in 'Bois D'Orange' and WOW - The scent is just phenomenal, it's so fresh and revitalising which is exactly what you need on a dreary winter day... though it'd be equally as enjoyable to accentuate the warmth if used in the summer. It was a real hit of scent and I love it - Obviously it'll be subtler on the body but that's what you want, really. These bottles are £15 from FeelUnique and, also, come in a number of fragrances which could appeal to a wide variety of people.

As well as the above there's a number of other lovely gifts you could give, if you'd like to give someone a variety of different fragrances to enjoy then there's two hand cream trios available and if you want something festive, and lower budget, then there's adorable hand cream crackers that you can pick up for £6!

With the stunning fragrances, amazing quality and beautiful packaging you really couldn't go wrong with gifting someone some Roger & Gallet this Christmas. 

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I was sent these items for my consideration for review purposes but all opinions are honest and are my own

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Cute Tractor Ted gifts for little ones this Christmas

I've nearly finished my Christmas posts, phew, but I've got one last children's one to share with you  whilst there's still a bit of time to make orders before last post! I've been sent some lovely items from the Tractor Ted range that'd put a smile on the face of lots of little ones on Christmas morning - They're exactly the sorts of things that Ethan's loved since he was little, and still does now.

The first item I've got to show you is the 'Tractor Ted - Greatest Hits' CD which is £7.99. On the CD there's 17 fun tracks which are great for having fun and learning at the same time, there's tracks about the animals on the farm as well as a number of season appropriate songs which is lovely. Ethan used to be quite funny about music, and dancing, but these days he absolutely loves dancing around like a loony so this is right up his street. 

Next up we have these adorable 'Farm Animal Crayons', which are £3.99. I love how these stack together (always about the organisation!) and their really sweet little faces - They're a great shape for gripping in little hands who aren't quite down with 'froggy legs' holding yet. Ethan's got his froggy legs down quite well, these days, but he'll still love something that's easier to grip and they're really robust looking too. 

Leading on, nicely, from the crayons is this 'Christmas Activity Book' - This comes as part of the 'Christmas Set' which is £10 and includes this book and a dvd too (which you'll see below). The book is a bit simple for Ethan but we'll still have fun sitting down with it and no one's too big for colouring so I can let him go to town with that. I'm rather tempted by some of the super simple recipes, too, so we may try one of those over the next week.  

The other part of the Christmas set is the 'All About Tractors' dvd - Ethan LOVES watching real live videos of vehicles, he always has done, so this is perfect for him even if it's aimed at a lower age group (since when do kids grow out of big vehicles?!) - This is the same as the normal 'All About Tractors' dvd so, if you already have it, this one is only different in that it has some extra Christmas footage so you might not want it if you already have the original.

The only thing that I think he likes even better than videos of Tractors is videos of Diggers - He spends a lot of time bugging Grandad to let him watch videos of diggers on youtube so this dvd is a saviour for Grandad if nothing else! The dvd is about 45 minutes long so that's a whole lot of digger watching and a nice, long, break for Grandad. Ethan loves diggers and there seems to be something hypnotic about watching them, this couldn't be more suited to him, haha, and I expect it'd be the same for lots of other little ones too. The 'Diggers and Dumpers' dvd is £8.99.

There's still time to order from this site before Christmas so, if you want to get some of these items, or something from the rest of the site such as pyjamas, bowls, lunch boxes and way more, then there's still time. These are lovely gifts as it's easy to just get fun dvds and books but when you can include some learning in there then why ever not?!

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I was sent these items for consideration for review - all opinions are honest and are my own