Another, very, late night blog. Last night I was fortunate enough to sleep about 14 hours (No joke) so, of course, tonight I can’t sleep. But, at least, that means I can now do the second part of my Christmas blog (also had the text from my sister, today, saying she doesn’t mind
me using the photos of my nephew on here).

Playing with his toy bus

This year was my sons third Christmas and he really did understand it so much more this year. He was so so excited in the lead, only heightened by our advent calendars! And the day, itself, wasn’t a disappointment, at all. He enjoyed opening his stocking and the excitement when we got downstairs and he realised that the stocking wasn’t ‘it’ and there was a rather large pile of presents, just for him, in the living room was just absolutely priceless. His behaviour on the day was almost perfect, too. He opened one gift at once and stopped to play with each of them for a little while (or sometimes a long while!) before he moved on to the next. He was absolutely delightful.

Really happy, showing us his toys

This year was a special year for another reason, too. And that’s because, despite having known each other for over a year, it was mine and The Fiance’s first Christmas together. Both The Boy and I really enjoyed having him here for longer than normal (Three days!) and being able to share Christmas with him was just perfect.

Priceless – My nephew in a crazy
hat, with The Fiance

On the actual day we had the morning as my mum, her husband, the boy, the fiancee and I and then in the afternoon my grandparents and uncle came over, too. And, I’d like to think, we all had a lovely day.

My boy and my nephew playing nicely

 On Boxing Day The Fiance, The Boy and I went to my dad’s place and got to see a lot of the rest of my family. My Dad, my Step Mum, My sister and her husband and their son as well as both of my brothers. Unfortunately didn’t see my other nephews and niece or some other family members but other than that we really did have a lovely time. My son doesn’t get to see my nephew that often, but when they do see each other they really do enjoy their time together. They spent the whole time following each other around, chasing each other, playing, shouting and being generally crazy. It was so nice to catch up with my Dad’s side of the family, who I really really don’t see enough. And getting to see the boys together was one of the best parts of Christmas.

It’s just 45 minutes past  midnight so it’s the 28th and, technically, the third day since Christmas, but I’ve not been to sleep so it still feels like the day after Boxing day.

I have had what can only be described as, the best Christmas ever. I got to see (Almost) all of my family and my son and I were thrilled to have three full days with my fiancee visiting us (Even though the third was an unplanned day due to us not having realised that the trains weren’t running on the line he has to take to get home). I was also very, very spoiled. Much more so than expected and I have a collection of lovely things which will brighten up the coming months.

Would you guess I like beauty and
cosmetcs? – especially soap&glory
and mememe

I’m doing my post Christmas blog in two parts as I have lots of lovely photos and I don’t want to just plop them all inn to the same post. Oh yes, I wrote the word plop in my blog!

Home things and kitchen things – Lots of vintage and purple!

I’m doing the ‘Things I got spoiled with’ post in a sort of ‘haul’ style post, though I’m not going to list everything as there’s rather a lot there. I’m also doing this post first. That is not because I think the things that I got are more important than the family stuff because, without a doubt, they’re not. The only reason this post is being done first is because I want to ask my sister’s permission to post some photos of my nephew in the blog and I cannot txt her at almost 1am!

So, in regards to the gifts, I need to say thank you to; My Fiancee, my Son and Fiancee’s daughter (also thanks to my fiancee hehe), my Mum, Mum’s husband, Mum’s husband’s parents, Fiancee’s parents, my Nan and Grandpops, Warren, Fiancee’s friends Thom and Sarah and their son Jason, my Dad and Step Mum, my Brothers and Sister (And their families/gfs), Nan, Aunty Daph and Uncle Bob, Ruth and James, Chris, Chris’ parents, Vicky and last, but not least, my Step mum’s parents.These are all people who gave presents to my son, to me or to both of us – And you’re all wonderful people and we’re so lucky to have you all in our lives.

Clothes, jewellery and random bits and bobs

The pile of things I got prove that the people in my life know me so so well and it makes me smile. I used to be very hard to buy for as I didn’t really like so many ‘things’ but now, over this past few years I’ve become interested in things that make it so much easier, and people have really noticed the things that I enjoy now.

Foody bits, books and dvds!

Just a quick overview of things I got – Loots of beauty things; soap&gloryMememe especially. Homeware things for when we get our own place; floral cake stand and matching tins, lanterns, baking things, lots of purple utensils and various vintagey bits. Clothes and jewellery, lovely woolen socks, fab tshirt, looove my silver ring and also looove my necklace made by a wonderful friend of mine; Blyde Jewellery! Lots and lots of chocolate and some vanilla coke and fruit loops. And then some books and dvds; some cook books, a pile of fantasy books (Incl one of the fiancee’s favourite series’) and some dvds which are ones the fiancee and I will really enjoy watching together!

I really really do want to get on with blogging more in the future, to anticipate reviews on plenty of the things in these photos!

So… as some of you may know, or at least have the tiniest inkling of, I am quite a fan of Soap and Glory. If you didn’t know this then you may not have spoken to me, interacted with me or seen any of my posts for the last 18 months or so.

And, less of you will know, I am also becoming increasingly fond of cosmetics and things.

Now… this is something I’m still getting used to myself. It’s never really been in my nature; I’ve always been a nail polish, lipgloss and, maybe, eyeliner sort of girl but I really have developed quite a passion for cosmetics and beauty products of all types; especially over the past couple of months. As such, it made perfect sense to save up my boots points to treat myself in the lead up to Christmas. I’ve managed to save up a lot of points down to a loong list of things, so it’s been amazing to be able to treat myself to some bits I’ve been hoping to get for a while now.

Soap and Glory ‘The Best of All’ – £27 in Boots ‘Star buy’

The obvious one was the Huge gift set by Soap and Glory, this year called ‘The best of all’. It’s a fantastic set with 9 full-sized products in it and it comes in a huge, and great quality, bag. I have a very long, and not very interesting story, of how I very nearly didn’t get it, and I’m still quite angry with the silly delivery people, but it’s here, and it’s wonderful! I was one of the crazies up at 3am to make sure I ordered mine on the morning it went up as a star buy on the boots website, for £27 (Normally £60, though in the 3 for 2). So not only great because bought with points, but fantastic sale price too! I won’t go in to detail about the products because they’re all things I’ll do proper reviews about at another time.

Revlon lipstick, lipbalm stains and

Along with that beauty of a buy, I got some other Soap and Glory bits, some Revlon bits and some bits from the Collection 2000 range.

I’ve been Really wanting a matte red lipstick for a while now. I’m pale, and red lipsticks often make me look like a female Joker impersonator, but I just had to give one a try. There’s a great lady on YouTube that I watch, justkissmyfrog, and she loves Revlon’s ‘In the red’. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get it, it was there when I first looked, but when I came to buy, it was gone. So instead I got ‘Really Red’ (Shade 006 in Matte £7.49) and I Love it! (Again, proper review another time) After a lot of searching, I also decided to buy some of Revlon’s ‘Just Bitten Kissable’ balm stains (£7.99), in ‘Honey’ (Shade 001) and ‘Crush’ (Shade 005) and guess what? I Love them too! These were on 3 for 2, so they were a fab bargain (though also bought on points, of course) AND there was an offer to get a free glittery nail polish if you bought three Revlon products, Yes please!

Soap and Glory ‘Scrub your nose in it’
and ‘Fill Monty’

Again, thanks to my watching of justkissmyfrog, I ordered two tubes of ‘Scrub your Nose in it’ (£7.50) and ‘Fill Monty’ (£9.50) by Soap and Glory (also on 3 for 2!). They’re both products I’d been meaning to buy, but she raved about them so much that I decided to try them sooner rather than later. And very very glad that I have!

Lastly, the Collection 2000. During my blog and vlog reading and watching, I have seen much much mention of their ‘Lasting perfection concealer’, so whilst I was in Boots I decided to give one of those a go (I got shade 1 ‘Fair’, priced £4.19), and I’ve also been wanting a new, black, gel liner so I thought I’d try their ‘Lasting colour Gel liner’ (£4.99) as there was an offer on that if you spent over £4.99 on Collection 2000, you got a free nail polish, and I’d have been silly to turn that down!

So yes. All of this was bought on points. It’s not exactly a small haul, and I’m mightily excited about it all. I have tried all of the products, so far, other than the Sugar Crush from the Soap and Glory set (Though most of the S+G things I tried before I bought this current set) and I am really happy with everything; so reviews should happen, as long as my laptop and I carry on having a good relationship.

Sorry for the rather long, rambling, blog considering it’s just a haul post. But it is my first proper haul post, And I’m prone to typing a lot. Plus it’s a rather large haul!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Though I do expect to be blogging before then, about the fantastic photo day The Fiancee and I had.

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