A, simply, amazing Christmas 2012 – Part 2: Family

Another, very, late night blog. Last night I was fortunate enough to sleep about 14 hours (No joke) so, of course, tonight I can’t sleep. But, at least, that means I can now do the second part of my Christmas blog (also had the text from my sister, today, saying she doesn’t mind
me using the photos of my nephew on here).

Playing with his toy bus

This year was my sons third Christmas and he really did understand it so much more this year. He was so so excited in the lead, only heightened by our advent calendars! And the day, itself, wasn’t a disappointment, at all. He enjoyed opening his stocking and the excitement when we got downstairs and he realised that the stocking wasn’t ‘it’ and there was a rather large pile of presents, just for him, in the living room was just absolutely priceless. His behaviour on the day was almost perfect, too. He opened one gift at once and stopped to play with each of them for a little while (or sometimes a long while!) before he moved on to the next. He was absolutely delightful.

Really happy, showing us his toys

This year was a special year for another reason, too. And that’s because, despite having known each other for over a year, it was mine and The Fiance’s first Christmas together. Both The Boy and I really enjoyed having him here for longer than normal (Three days!) and being able to share Christmas with him was just perfect.

Priceless – My nephew in a crazy
hat, with The Fiance

On the actual day we had the morning as my mum, her husband, the boy, the fiancee and I and then in the afternoon my grandparents and uncle came over, too. And, I’d like to think, we all had a lovely day.

My boy and my nephew playing nicely

 On Boxing Day The Fiance, The Boy and I went to my dad’s place and got to see a lot of the rest of my family. My Dad, my Step Mum, My sister and her husband and their son as well as both of my brothers. Unfortunately didn’t see my other nephews and niece or some other family members but other than that we really did have a lovely time. My son doesn’t get to see my nephew that often, but when they do see each other they really do enjoy their time together. They spent the whole time following each other around, chasing each other, playing, shouting and being generally crazy. It was so nice to catch up with my Dad’s side of the family, who I really really don’t see enough. And getting to see the boys together was one of the best parts of Christmas.

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