Beauty haul all bought with boots points – December 2012

So… as some of you may know, or at least have the tiniest inkling of, I am quite a fan of Soap and Glory. If you didn’t know this then you may not have spoken to me, interacted with me or seen any of my posts for the last 18 months or so.

And, less of you will know, I am also becoming increasingly fond of cosmetics and things.

Now… this is something I’m still getting used to myself. It’s never really been in my nature; I’ve always been a nail polish, lipgloss and, maybe, eyeliner sort of girl but I really have developed quite a passion for cosmetics and beauty products of all types; especially over the past couple of months. As such, it made perfect sense to save up my boots points to treat myself in the lead up to Christmas. I’ve managed to save up a lot of points down to a loong list of things, so it’s been amazing to be able to treat myself to some bits I’ve been hoping to get for a while now.

Soap and Glory ‘The Best of All’ – £27 in Boots ‘Star buy’

The obvious one was the Huge gift set by Soap and Glory, this year called ‘The best of all’. It’s a fantastic set with 9 full-sized products in it and it comes in a huge, and great quality, bag. I have a very long, and not very interesting story, of how I very nearly didn’t get it, and I’m still quite angry with the silly delivery people, but it’s here, and it’s wonderful! I was one of the crazies up at 3am to make sure I ordered mine on the morning it went up as a star buy on the boots website, for £27 (Normally £60, though in the 3 for 2). So not only great because bought with points, but fantastic sale price too! I won’t go in to detail about the products because they’re all things I’ll do proper reviews about at another time.

Revlon lipstick, lipbalm stains and

Along with that beauty of a buy, I got some other Soap and Glory bits, some Revlon bits and some bits from the Collection 2000 range.

I’ve been Really wanting a matte red lipstick for a while now. I’m pale, and red lipsticks often make me look like a female Joker impersonator, but I just had to give one a try. There’s a great lady on YouTube that I watch, justkissmyfrog, and she loves Revlon’s ‘In the red’. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get it, it was there when I first looked, but when I came to buy, it was gone. So instead I got ‘Really Red’ (Shade 006 in Matte £7.49) and I Love it! (Again, proper review another time) After a lot of searching, I also decided to buy some of Revlon’s ‘Just Bitten Kissable’ balm stains (£7.99), in ‘Honey’ (Shade 001) and ‘Crush’ (Shade 005) and guess what? I Love them too! These were on 3 for 2, so they were a fab bargain (though also bought on points, of course) AND there was an offer to get a free glittery nail polish if you bought three Revlon products, Yes please!

Soap and Glory ‘Scrub your nose in it’
and ‘Fill Monty’

Again, thanks to my watching of justkissmyfrog, I ordered two tubes of ‘Scrub your Nose in it’ (£7.50) and ‘Fill Monty’ (£9.50) by Soap and Glory (also on 3 for 2!). They’re both products I’d been meaning to buy, but she raved about them so much that I decided to try them sooner rather than later. And very very glad that I have!

Lastly, the Collection 2000. During my blog and vlog reading and watching, I have seen much much mention of their ‘Lasting perfection concealer’, so whilst I was in Boots I decided to give one of those a go (I got shade 1 ‘Fair’, priced £4.19), and I’ve also been wanting a new, black, gel liner so I thought I’d try their ‘Lasting colour Gel liner’ (£4.99) as there was an offer on that if you spent over £4.99 on Collection 2000, you got a free nail polish, and I’d have been silly to turn that down!

So yes. All of this was bought on points. It’s not exactly a small haul, and I’m mightily excited about it all. I have tried all of the products, so far, other than the Sugar Crush from the Soap and Glory set (Though most of the S+G things I tried before I bought this current set) and I am really happy with everything; so reviews should happen, as long as my laptop and I carry on having a good relationship.

Sorry for the rather long, rambling, blog considering it’s just a haul post. But it is my first proper haul post, And I’m prone to typing a lot. Plus it’s a rather large haul!

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Though I do expect to be blogging before then, about the fantastic photo day The Fiancee and I had.

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