Tuesday, 1 January 2013

NYE 2012 - Nail polish and wine

I've only ever been on a big night out for New years once. It was a really good night with people I am still friends with, some I don't see very often and some I'm not friends with at all any more. But I'm not really a big night out person, and new years eve is big night out x 100! I'd rather spend some time with family but I live with my mum and her husband who don't really celebrate, I can't get to my dad's side of the family so easily and the fiancee is at home as he has work tomorrow; another negative point to long distance.

And that's why this evening I watched some youtube videos, then I spent time trying to sort out some of The Boys old toys so that I can make space for the new ones. Not that exciting, but necessary. And since about 23:45 I've been sat in my room, with a small glass of wine, some very uncooperative technology and my new 'Bourjois 1 Seconde' nail polish in shade '19 - Mauve futuristic' which I am absolutely in Love with. The brush is Huge so the polish went on with one stroke per nail, the polish dried really quickly which gave me less time to wreck them being impatient to get on and do things and I love love love the shade! Nicely done Bourjois.

So yes. Not too exciting, not exactly what most people would class as a good night, but I've had a nice time relaxing and that's not something I do a whole lot.

I don't want to get all deep into what sort of a year 2012 was. It was tough, very very tough, and that was interspersed with some of the best moments of my life. A mixed bag, to say the least. But I can only hope that this coming year will be much less weighted towards the tough side.

It's not been the best year for a lot of people that I know, but they're mostly moving forwards with a smile on their faces, looking towards what the future will bring and that's the attitude I love. So here's to a good one.