Monday, 31 December 2012

A, simply, amazing Christmas 2012 - Part 2: Family

Another, very, late night blog. Last night I was fortunate enough to sleep about 14 hours (No joke) so, of course, tonight I can't sleep. But, at least, that means I can now do the second part of my Christmas blog (also had the text from my sister, today, saying she doesn't mind
me using the photos of my nephew on here).

Playing with his toy bus

Friday, 28 December 2012

A, simply, amazing Christmas 2012 - Part 1: My gifts

It's just 45 minutes past  midnight so it's the 28th and, technically, the third day since Christmas, but I've not been to sleep so it still feels like the day after Boxing day.

I have had what can only be described as, the best Christmas ever. I got to see (Almost) all of my family and my son and I were thrilled to have three full days with my fiancee visiting us (Even though the third was an unplanned day due to us not having realised that the trains weren't running on the line he has to take to get home). I was also very, very spoiled. Much more so than expected and I have a collection of lovely things which will brighten up the coming months.

Would you guess I like beauty and
cosmetcs? - especially soap&glory
and mememe

Monday, 24 December 2012

Beauty haul all bought with boots points - December 2012

So... as some of you may know, or at least have the tiniest inkling of, I am quite a fan of Soap and Glory. If you didn't know this then you may not have spoken to me, interacted with me or seen any of my posts for the last 18 months or so.

And, less of you will know, I am also becoming increasingly fond of cosmetics and things.

Now... this is something I'm still getting used to myself. It's never really been in my nature; I've always been a nail polish, lipgloss and, maybe, eyeliner sort of girl but I really have developed quite a passion for cosmetics and beauty products of all types; especially over the past couple of months. As such, it made perfect sense to save up my boots points to treat myself in the lead up to Christmas. I've managed to save up a lot of points down to a loong list of things, so it's been amazing to be able to treat myself to some bits I've been hoping to get for a while now.

Soap and Glory 'The Best of All' - £27 in Boots 'Star buy'

Sunday, 23 December 2012

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