I am a really big fan of the brand Mememe. I love all of the products that I’ve bought from them and really would repurchase a lot of them. I love the quality of everything I’ve tried; especially the nail polishes, lipsticks and face powder, and the packaging is just absolutely gorgeous. I, especially, love the range of colours that they offer in a lot of the products, they have some really beautiful shades in a lot of items. Their website is an absolute joy to peruse, it’s just such a pretty site (Which is good as they’re stocked in superdrug but my local superdrug no longer has a stand).

All of this for £13

Needless to say, when they announced on their facebook page that they had a new sale section that was up to 80% off and had products starting from just £1, I had no choice but to have a look. A short while later I sent The Fiance a text to tell him that I would’ve been an absolute idiot to have not ordered considering the amount of things I’d got for £13 (Plus £2.95 p+p).

I know it’s a bit gimmicky but the club I used to go to did
have really bad lighting by the mirror they had up, so this
would have been so helpful then. And it makes a pretty photo!

The sale is still on, so check out the website before it sells out. I’ve been quite poorly so haven’t had a chance to have a proper play with things yet, and I like to use things for a while before I review them, but expect a good deal of Mememe reviews in the future, I looove them and can’t wait to see what other products they’re going to be bringing out this year to replace the ones they’re selling off in this wonderful sale!

I just want to show you a few of the books that I’ve got this week. The first was mentioned in a book haul by Lena at ‘jsutkissmyfrog‘, the second was recommended in a video by Lily at ‘What I heart today‘ and the third wasn’t recommended by anyone but the format of ‘flipback’ books was shown, again, by Lena and I really wanted to try something in that format.

I’m really looking forward to reading all of these, though the idea of the flipback book is that it’s small enough to fit in a handbag so not sure when I’ll be reading that. I’ve never read ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ and it was the one that I wanted to read, the most, when I was looking through what’s available in that format. But the other two I expect to be reading pretty quickly.

If anyone was lucky enough to get given (Or get their hands on after xmas) the ‘Crazy Sexy Kohl’ set by Soap and Glory then you, too, will have ended up with five really good quality, lovely coloured kohl eye liner pencils which fit nicely in a make up case and three beautiful shades of very good quality eye shadow which fit… well only in the plastic insert that goes in the tin that the set came in.

Obviously you might have somewhere else you want to keep the shadows, loose in their pans, or you already have a magnetic palette of some sort. But if you don’t then a great way to store them, and also start your own magnetic palette, of sorts, is just to carefully pop the eye shadow pans out of the plastic gift packaging and pull the glue stuff off the back. You’ll need to have bought some small, round, adhesive crafting magnets (Ebay is very easy and cheap) and just stick one to the back of each pan and then you can use the empty gift tin as a magnetic palette.

It’ll be more tricky to de-pot shadows that are still in their original plastic casings but if you search on google or youtube there are often people who’ve done it with most brands. I’ve been tempted to depot some of my shadows and blushes for a while now, which is why I had the magnets laying around, but I just hadn’t found the right tin. So thank you very much, yet again, Soap and Glory, this tin is just perfect! Ok so it’s not as stylish looking as a z-palette, and it’s not a pretty looking little tin but it’s really big, and quite shallow and will have loads of space for pans. Plus, it’s free as it was just the packaging for something you were going to buy anyway!

Wow those last three words in the title really do make it a mouthful!
I discovered Latest in Beauty just after Christmas as I was umming and ahhing about using some of my Christmas money on a few months subscription to a beauty box. After looking in to it a lot I decided that instead of a full on subscription to either of the front runners, I’d get the ‘Little beauty box’s from Latest in Beauty and then get one of their collection boxes from time to time – Less money and more control over what I receive, I like it!

I was really excited when they announced the Complexion Perfection Collection – It has a variety of cosmetics brands which I really wanted to try out, and the products offered seemed right up my street. I already had two of the items from the LIB advent calendar that I bought for half price after xmas (The Benefit mascara and the Bellapierre eye shadow) but both of them are items I’m pretty sure I’ll use a lot and so duplicates, especially of the ‘They’re real’ weren’t a problem in my eyes.
It arrived this morning and I was really excited to open it up and have a good look at my new products which are; Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara (3.0g), Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in ‘Rosy’ (full size), Daniel Sandler Water Proof Eyelinder in Black Velvet (Full size), The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eye shadow brush (full size), Bellapierre Mineral Eye shadow in ‘Celebration’ (full size) and Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation (6ml).

Vintage Cosmetic company shadow brush
Pixi cheek and lip tint in Rosy
Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ mascara

Bellapierre Mineral Eyeshadow in Celebration

Daniel Sandler Eyeliner pencil
So far so good. I’ve had a little play with a few of the products and I really like them. The Bellapierre is described as a ‘champagne’ colour in the booklet that comes with the set and I found it a little more orangey than I’d consider champagne, but I do like it. The shade of the Pixi cheek tint is just lovely and the Vintage cosmetic brush is really nice to use. I’m going to use these products some more and then hopefully do some reviews of them in the future.

As with cosmetics, it’s only been more recently that I’ve branched out with clothing. It’s been longer than with beauty products, but it’s still only been a few years; before then I used to wear jeans that were too big with, mostly, plain vest tops and band hoodies. It was comfortable, quite practical but not very interesting and not at all flattering. I still find it very hard to spend a lot of money on clothes, but then, that’s where primark steps in. Where it used to be my haven for £1, plain, cotton, vest tops, I now am able to find things which I think are pretty as well as comfortable, a concept which has been alien to me for most of my life.

I’ve had two visits since Christmas and I picked up a few bits which I’ve been really really happy with, just going to stick with images for this post, those and a few captions speak for themselves.

Firstly some high waisted jeans in size 10. They were marked down to £7, from £13 but I didn’t realised until I got home so I paid full price.
I’ve been missing my old boyfriend fit jeans from next so I got these, also in a size 10 and they’re just a bit too big in a really comfy way. These were marked down to £7 (And I only paid £7 too!) 
I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it, it’s lacey at the top and it has a slip inside to make it more decent – This was also marked down to £7.
The only item that was meant to be full price. You can’t tell in this pic but this charcoal top is see through, it’s not too fitted and very comfy. Was £8.
I got these during the first Primark trip, I had originally gone in to get the pyjamas in this fabric that I’d seen but not bought before, but of course they were gone. The plus side is that these are much cheaper than pyjaams and they’re thicker and more comfy than the primark slippers used to be. These were £1.50
I found this little gem on a sale rack in the pyjama section. It’s an over sized, almost velour type of fabric (But not quite that bad), sweater that’s meant for loungewear. I wear it around the house when pyjamas just aren’t warm enough in the winter. It was marked down to £3
There’s a few other bits that I got but they were boring things like socks, fleece lined tights etc. I also got an absolutely beautiful skirt in a lovely rose print for £3, but the label that looked like a size 10 was actually an 18. I’m really hoping my mum can use her wonderful sewing skills to take it in for me at the waist band once she’s fully recovered from her latest surgery.