Invaluable toddler winter nightware

Just a short post today, none of the promised haul posts because obviously I’m just rubbish. But a quick parenting post because I’m still very much in the early stages of developing what I want this blog to be and I do want it to be a parenting/family blog as well as the things I’ve been writing about more recently.

Asda’s George Spiderman onsie – £9

My poor boy has been really struggling to stay warm at night. I give him extra blankets but he’s a wriggler, acrobat, contortionist child and ends up in the Weirdest positions, often without any covers on him. I tried giving him extra layers of pyjamas, leg warmers, longer sleeved vests, fluffy socks (So cute) and the baby leggings you can get. No such luck, he was still waking, rather chilly, throughout the night.

Dinosaur all fleece set from Primark – £4

So, this winter, I’ve had to break out the big guns. Not only does he have standard fleece onsies, from primark, but he has two, super thick, extra warm onsies from Asda’s George (One spiderman, as pictured, and one Thomas the Tank) as well as some sets of primark’s fleece pyjama sets; these are cheaper then onsies (Only £4 a set!) and my boy can sometimes take a onsie off, but these he can’t.

I really recommend both the primark and asda ones but the asda ones are just that one step better; quality wise and in terms of the warmth of the fabtic. Also asda ones are so thick and cuddly, that he feels like a giant teddy bear… if I can catch him long enough to get a cuddle that is!

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