Latest in Beauty and You advent calendar

 Ok, so before I get in to why I’m blogging about a calendar in mid January I’m actually going to give a reason for my late night blogging, this time. Turns out that falling asleep for an hour after I get the boy to bed doesn’t help when it comes to sleeping at actual night time, who’d have guessed it?! Ok, so it’s obvious… but I honestly couldn’t stay awake and I actually felt awake enough to eat dinner afterwards so there were benefits to the nap – Being awake at 3am isn’t one of them though. It’s a vicious vicious cycle of sleeplessness, naps, insomnia and utter, utter exhaustion; Fibro 1 – Me 0.

But, I digress. This post is about one of the most exciting things I bought with my christmas money. I use the term exciting lightly because I know that a lot of people who’re in to beauty won’t find it exciting, at all, as they knew about it months and months ago. But it’s exciting to me, and so would be exciting to others like me!

So, yes. Latest in Beauty joined up with ‘You’ before christmas to produce a beauty advent calendar filled with samples and fullsized items from a wide selection of brands from Benefit to Balance Me and L’Occitane to Steamcream plus  a whole lot in between! It was, initially, £60 which I wouldn’t have been able to justify despite the fact that the total value of the goodies inside are worth £210. So, needless to say, I was rather excited when I discovered it at half price shortly after Christmas.

When my package arrived I tore it open and begun opening doors. I had only planned on opening one or two but once I started I just couldn’t stop; and goodness me I was faced with such a treat! There are 24 items, in total, some miniatures, as I said before, and some full sized. I just wrote out about half of the list and then decided to delete it all as it was going to make the blog just far too huge – The list is still available on the link above to the calendar itself and there’s a quick reference point in my photos posted here. Though if anyone Really wants a list then I guess I could write one out (Though I’m guessing none of my 6 subscribers, to date, will be that bothered)

Anyway. I am not posting reviews of the products yet. I’ve only tried out a few of them, and only briefly, and I want to try them out as much as possible before I post any reviews. My biggest fear is that I’ll love them and want to buy the full size – Though I probably won’t love them enough to ever afford the full sized prices! I am really excited to try them out, though, as there’s some absolutely fantastic products in there.

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