MOA balm – first reactions / mini review

I’m a big fan of trying to find products which help speed up the healing process. I used to heal relatively quickly, but since the fibro got so much worse I heal so so so slowly, which is something said to be linked to the condition.

I have arnica cream for bruises, though I often forget to use it and, so, have shins covered in bruises which looks not dissimilar to my school yard days. It’s not a good look.

The small, 15ml, tub

But anyway, yet again I digress. I was browsing the Feel Unique sale just after Christmas and I came across ‘Moa the green balm’, which, at that time, had 20% off. The small pot (15ml) usually retails at £4.50 from Feel unique and the larger pot (50ml) is £9. I opted for the smaller pot because, despite the small handful of positive reviews that I read, I didn’t want to spend much on something which would be a waste of space, money and time.

As it happens, I plan on ordering a larger pot even though it’s now back to full price. I’m calling this post a mini review as I don’t think I’ve used it Enough yet to call it a full review but, thus far, I’m really pleased. I had planned to use it to help heal blemishes on my face but that’s not something I’ve done much of, yet but I have been using it on cuts and scrapes which have been mostly on my hands as well as some patches of eczema that are also on my hands.

How the balm looks in the tub

And I am just so impressed! The small cuts have, almost, totally healed since I applied the balm a few times, a few days ago, and in the past that would’ve taken me well over a week, maybe even two or three. And the eczema has calmed down so much too. The dryness is still there, to some extent, but I’m trying to work on that with moisturiser; whereas the balm actually worked to take away the soreness and the redness from the patches, very very quickly. I really am very very impressed.

The balm itself is a sort of transparent with a waxy/oily feel to it. In the pot it mostly looks white, but with that hint of green that gives it it’s name, and when you apply it to the skin all you can see is a patch which looks quite oily, until it settles into the skin; it does take quite a while to settle in and sometimes I just end up wiping it off after a while, but even then it still helps a lot, so just being on there at all, even without soaking in, it works. It doesn’t have much of a smell but there’s just a really subtle eucalyptus type smell, but as I said, very very subtle and it’s been of no concern whatsoever.

So, overall, very very impressed. I want to carry on using it, for a while, and want to try out some of the other ways it can be used (Check out the rescue list and the beauty list on their website to see how many uses they suggest), plus I want to confirm that the times it’s worked so far haven’t just been a coincidence. But if it keeps on working as it has so far I’ll be posting another review in the future to expand upon and confirm first reactions, and I’ll be buying a big tub of it to keep both mine, the fiance’s and the boy’s cuts and scrapes well under control.

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