Post Christmas 2012 Haul – Part 3 – Primark

As with cosmetics, it’s only been more recently that I’ve branched out with clothing. It’s been longer than with beauty products, but it’s still only been a few years; before then I used to wear jeans that were too big with, mostly, plain vest tops and band hoodies. It was comfortable, quite practical but not very interesting and not at all flattering. I still find it very hard to spend a lot of money on clothes, but then, that’s where primark steps in. Where it used to be my haven for £1, plain, cotton, vest tops, I now am able to find things which I think are pretty as well as comfortable, a concept which has been alien to me for most of my life.

I’ve had two visits since Christmas and I picked up a few bits which I’ve been really really happy with, just going to stick with images for this post, those and a few captions speak for themselves.

Firstly some high waisted jeans in size 10. They were marked down to £7, from £13 but I didn’t realised until I got home so I paid full price.
I’ve been missing my old boyfriend fit jeans from next so I got these, also in a size 10 and they’re just a bit too big in a really comfy way. These were marked down to £7 (And I only paid £7 too!) 
I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it, it’s lacey at the top and it has a slip inside to make it more decent – This was also marked down to £7.
The only item that was meant to be full price. You can’t tell in this pic but this charcoal top is see through, it’s not too fitted and very comfy. Was £8.
I got these during the first Primark trip, I had originally gone in to get the pyjamas in this fabric that I’d seen but not bought before, but of course they were gone. The plus side is that these are much cheaper than pyjaams and they’re thicker and more comfy than the primark slippers used to be. These were £1.50
I found this little gem on a sale rack in the pyjama section. It’s an over sized, almost velour type of fabric (But not quite that bad), sweater that’s meant for loungewear. I wear it around the house when pyjamas just aren’t warm enough in the winter. It was marked down to £3
There’s a few other bits that I got but they were boring things like socks, fleece lined tights etc. I also got an absolutely beautiful skirt in a lovely rose print for £3, but the label that looked like a size 10 was actually an 18. I’m really hoping my mum can use her wonderful sewing skills to take it in for me at the waist band once she’s fully recovered from her latest surgery. 

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