Post Christmas 2012 Hauls – Part 1 – Nyx, Crown Brushes, Stila

Ever since I did some shopping with my Christmas money I have been planning on doing some haul type posts. I keep not doing them, probably because I know that my current readers probably won’t want to read them that much (Or maybe they do, who knows heh), but these are the sorts of posts I want to do if I had more readers so I plan to start as I mean to go on!

As I say, regularly, and anyone who knows me already knows. I’m a total beauty newbie. I used to be a lipbalm/gloss, eye liner (only kohl and only on the waterline) and nail polish sort of girl, but over the past couple of years I’ve, slowly, become more and more interested and, now, I really am quite obsessed with the whole concept – I love cosmetics, body care, skin care, hair care etc; reading reviews, watching vlogs, reading blogs and, when I can afford it, buying the odd bits and bobs.

So, for the first time ever, the majority of my Christmas money went on beauty products. Still quite hard to believe, still such a huge change!

Nyx haul

I chose to get some Nyx things as they kept cropping up in the videos of some of my favourite YouTubers and when I checked out their site they had some really different sorts of colours, the types I really wanted from higher end things, but in a much more affordable form.

So I got, from their website, 4 single shadows in ’10 Champagne’, ’11 Iced Mocha’, ‘110 Gypsy’ and ‘117A Greyish brown’, I got two powder blushes in ’17 Desert Rose’ and  ’11 Taupe’, a stick blush in ’05 Tea Rose’, a full coverage concealer in ’01 Porcelain’ and three lipsticks in ‘628 Tea Rose’, ‘529 Thalia’ and ‘612 Lala’. I haven’t used any of them, enough, yet to do a proper review but I absolutely love the products and will do proper reviews with swatches etc, in the future.

L-R – Liner, bullet crease, tapered crease, angle contour,
blending fluff, foundation, blush.

Being a newbie also meant that my collection of brushes was very limited and I found that they were hampering how much I could do with the products I already had. When the fiance and I went to a photo shoot day, just before christmas, I really got chatting to the lady who did my makeup and she suggested ‘Crown Brushes’ so they were something else I decided to invest in with my Christmas money, and bought from their own website.

I ordered an ‘IB107 Deluxe Oval foundation’ brush, a ‘B01 Angle Blush’ brush, a ‘C139 Stiff Tapered Crease’ brush, a ‘BK42 Bullet Crease’ brush, a ‘B05 Angle Contour’ brush, a ‘BK13 Blending Fluff’ brush and a ‘BK11 Angle Taklon Liner’ brush. Again, not ready to do reviews but I am really really impressed with these brushes and they’ve made aspects of cosmetics that I was previously struggling with, much easier to get used to.

Stila brushes

Lastly, for this post, I got a couple of Stila lip glosses in the ‘Direct Cosmetics’ sale which I can’t seem to remember the price of, but they were very very cheap! They are the Stila Lipshine Rouge Balance in ‘Rouge Shine’ and ‘Violet Shine’. I’ve not actually used either of these, yet, but have checked out the colours and they seem great and I can’t wait to get some proper use out of them.

This is it for this post, I’ve got another post with some Benefit things, and one with my favourite things from two visits to Primark. I got some amazing bargains and some things which are just always wonderfully priced, with my Christmas money, most of which I’m really really enjoying using and will review at a later date/

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