Post Christmas 2012 Hauls – Part 2 – Benefit

I decided to put the Benefit bits in to their own post for my post Christmas hauls series as I got quite a few bits and want to avoid my posts being as long as my last one!

I was very very lucky when it came to picking up some Benefit bits and bobs after Christmas. I’ve never owned any of their products before, being a newbie, and being limited in funds; but the bargain shopper that I am managed to get things that I’m really excited about, from various sites.

Slippin’n Dippin’

‘Flying Down To…’
Bunny Hop

Firstly, I managed to get my hands on three of the Creaseless cream eyeshadow pots in shades ‘Slippin’ an’ Dippin’ ‘, ‘Flying Down To…’ and ‘Bunny Hop’. Similarly to my earlier haul post, I’m not going to go in to detail with each product as I want to do reviews of them in more detail in the future, once I’ve had more time to use them properly. I’ve used each of them a few times, though, and am absolutely in love with them; the shades, the consistency of them and the staying power, just amazing. I got one of them from Direct Cosmetics, and two from Cheap Smells, the link to Cheap smells should take you straight to the product page as ‘Flying Down to’ is still on offer, but ‘Bunny Hop’ has gone back to their regular price, which is still a bit of a saving compared to other sites/stores. The link for direct cosmetics only takes you to the general site, it’s still selling ‘Slippin’n Dippin” very cheap (£3.79 I think) but it won’t let me open the page and that site charged p+p whereas Cheap smells doesn’t, and they also have that shade at a very reduced price too, which would probably add up as cheaper even though the initial price is a little more.

The Big 10 Gift Set

The other Benefit item I bought was a gift set. I don’t know what year it was from but it’s not this years range, which is why I was able to buy it for around £10 on ebay. I just checked to see if the seller I used still has some but they’re all out of stock and all other ones I found on Ebay were more expensive, but still worth looking at due to the amount of miniature products you get. It’s the ‘Big 10’ set and for anyone that’s new to Benefit, it’s a great starter to the brand. Yet again, I’ve not used them properly, but having swatched them on my hand and the likes I am really pleased with them and can’t wait to give them a go. Unfortunately one of the bottles had leaked during being posted but the lovely ebay seller sent me another as she had a few laying around. Also the bottle of ‘Benetint’ leaked, a Lot, so it had to be binned as it was dying everything pink/red, but I don’t mind that so much as I have other rosy red cheek and lip tints and so that particular item was one I was less excited about.

You can see all of the products in the picture but it’ll be hard to see without enlarging it so it’s ‘Erase Paste, medium’, ‘Stay Don’t Stray’, ‘Posietint’, ‘Highbeam, ‘Benetint’, ‘Eyecon’, ‘That Gal’, ‘Bella Bamba’, ‘Dandelion’ and ‘The Porefessional’. I really want to try these products out sooner rather than later as if I want to get any of them in full size then my birthday would be the ideal time as they’re too expensive for day-to-day buys for me.


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