Unboxing Latest in Beauty ‘Complexion Perfection Collection’

Wow those last three words in the title really do make it a mouthful!
I discovered Latest in Beauty just after Christmas as I was umming and ahhing about using some of my Christmas money on a few months subscription to a beauty box. After looking in to it a lot I decided that instead of a full on subscription to either of the front runners, I’d get the ‘Little beauty box’s from Latest in Beauty and then get one of their collection boxes from time to time – Less money and more control over what I receive, I like it!

I was really excited when they announced the Complexion Perfection Collection – It has a variety of cosmetics brands which I really wanted to try out, and the products offered seemed right up my street. I already had two of the items from the LIB advent calendar that I bought for half price after xmas (The Benefit mascara and the Bellapierre eye shadow) but both of them are items I’m pretty sure I’ll use a lot and so duplicates, especially of the ‘They’re real’ weren’t a problem in my eyes.
It arrived this morning and I was really excited to open it up and have a good look at my new products which are; Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara (3.0g), Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in ‘Rosy’ (full size), Daniel Sandler Water Proof Eyelinder in Black Velvet (Full size), The Vintage Cosmetic Company Eye shadow brush (full size), Bellapierre Mineral Eye shadow in ‘Celebration’ (full size) and Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation (6ml).

Vintage Cosmetic company shadow brush
Pixi cheek and lip tint in Rosy
Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ mascara

Bellapierre Mineral Eyeshadow in Celebration

Daniel Sandler Eyeliner pencil
So far so good. I’ve had a little play with a few of the products and I really like them. The Bellapierre is described as a ‘champagne’ colour in the booklet that comes with the set and I found it a little more orangey than I’d consider champagne, but I do like it. The shade of the Pixi cheek tint is just lovely and the Vintage cosmetic brush is really nice to use. I’m going to use these products some more and then hopefully do some reviews of them in the future.


  1. admin January 28, 2013 / 2:40 pm

    I'm wearing it now and I'm very, very impressed. I'm just not sure it'd be the sort of thing I'd want to wear every day, though, simply because I'm lucky enough to have really long lashes already so with this stuff they're almost Too big, as silly as that might sound. I only, recently, upgraded from clear mascara to a black one that thickens and separates nicely but doesn't do too much length wise, so maybe in time I could get used to the 'They're real' one, that or I can just keep it for special 🙂 – Am really impressed though, and surprised I like the brush as normally not a fan of thinner, plastic ones

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