Use for the empty ‘Crazy Sexy Kohl’ tin from Soap and Glory

If anyone was lucky enough to get given (Or get their hands on after xmas) the ‘Crazy Sexy Kohl’ set by Soap and Glory then you, too, will have ended up with five really good quality, lovely coloured kohl eye liner pencils which fit nicely in a make up case and three beautiful shades of very good quality eye shadow which fit… well only in the plastic insert that goes in the tin that the set came in.

Obviously you might have somewhere else you want to keep the shadows, loose in their pans, or you already have a magnetic palette of some sort. But if you don’t then a great way to store them, and also start your own magnetic palette, of sorts, is just to carefully pop the eye shadow pans out of the plastic gift packaging and pull the glue stuff off the back. You’ll need to have bought some small, round, adhesive crafting magnets (Ebay is very easy and cheap) and just stick one to the back of each pan and then you can use the empty gift tin as a magnetic palette.

It’ll be more tricky to de-pot shadows that are still in their original plastic casings but if you search on google or youtube there are often people who’ve done it with most brands. I’ve been tempted to depot some of my shadows and blushes for a while now, which is why I had the magnets laying around, but I just hadn’t found the right tin. So thank you very much, yet again, Soap and Glory, this tin is just perfect! Ok so it’s not as stylish looking as a z-palette, and it’s not a pretty looking little tin but it’s really big, and quite shallow and will have loads of space for pans. Plus, it’s free as it was just the packaging for something you were going to buy anyway!

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