Wedding planning and all that fun

The Fiance and I have been engaged since last July but we hadn’t really discussed when we would actually get married as we’re currently living in different places so it didn’t seem a priority.

Until I saw the most amazing offer on Groupon, that is. We didn’t get our offer from Groupon due to the date restrictions, but after I spoke to the absolutely lovely lady who is there wedding coordinator we now have a very very good wedding package and have our wedding booked, and deposit paid (both to venue and registrar). It’s crazy that we’ve gone from no real plans to having the bulk of the day sorted out; the astounding package that we’ve been given includes use of one of their very nice rooms for the ceremony, reception and an evening do. Includes arrival drinks, drinks for toasts, a three course wedding breakfast and a finger buffet for the evening. And that’s not to mention the fact that we get their resident dj for the evening do, a room for The Fiance and I on the night of the wedding and lots of other little bits and pieces that are often included in wedding packages like reduced room rates for guests and use of a cake stand etc.

I’m still a little in shock, but also incredibly excited, that we’ll be getting married in August 2014. Thankfully that gives us plenty of time to plan things, but I look forward to getting as much done as possible sooner rather than later so that coming up to the big day should actually be a little less stressful, but we shall see.

This may change very rapidly, but I’m currently planning to make my own wedding cake/cakes, my mum should be trying to do the flowers and my mum and I will be working together on invites etc. So lots of interesting things to blog about too!

Ooh aren’t weddings exciting! 


  1. talesofaviewfinder January 16, 2013 / 4:19 pm

    Wow that sounds awesome! Weddings can be SO expensive, hence the reason why we haven't really gone anywhere NEAR booking anything yet. So excited for you. I bet it is nice to finally feel like it is 'real'. 🙂 xx

    • admin January 16, 2013 / 4:25 pm

      Honestly, groupon is the way forward, they have a few wedding packages a year and ours was almost 70% off I think, definitely way under half price. This is, honestly the sort of wedding I never thought we'd be able to have.

      Thanks, it really is, after I paid the deposit for the registrar it finally sunk in that it was really real! Hope you guys find something affordable soon 🙂 xx

    • Girl About Chelts January 16, 2013 / 4:46 pm

      Ah everyone's getting married… All three of us in 2014 too 🙂

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