Here I am, sat on the sofa, chatting with my best mate. The Boy is very poorly and laying down with a towel over him in case he’s sick again.

I’m chatting away about blogging, not really seen the best mate since I started blogging properly so I’m just filling him in on the last couple of months.

Then a little voice pipes up from beside me ‘I want a blog.’

‘Oh do you?’

‘Yes, Mummy, in ten months’ – I’ve been told, and that was the end of the matter, it seems.

Towards the end of last year I discovered nail stamping. I managed to get a nice little, basic, Konad starter kit from for about £10 in a sale and it all started there. I’ve since bought two, large, sets of other plates from and so have a collection of about 47 plates (I think).

Of course, the main problem when you get to that many is how to store them. Luckily, all it took, was a quick search online and I found a few people recommending folders with some sort of card holder wallets to hold each plate. I checked the dimensions of my plates and found that wallets for card collectors were the perfect size so I ordered a pack, along with some rubber matting which helps things to grip which I’ve trimmed down to line each pocket and stop the plates from slipping out.

I want to get a four hole folder as the two holes don’t hold the wallet perfectly, but for now here it is:

The boy has always loved having a bed full of toys; mostly stuffed toys but there is an empty beaker with two trains in it and a rubber starfish bath toy thing too. He has loads that sit around the head end of the bed, and then a set that sit at the bottom of the bed too – I’d list them all but it’d make a nice, brief post into an essay.

He used to only need one stuffed toy to cuddle, ‘Baby Bear’ who I used to call Blue Bear but The Boy renamed him once he could talk (similarly to his seahorse toy which is in the picture below, formerly known as Bob, now known as Mob) but over the past few months there’s become a few more. In fact, there’s now six stuffed toys that he likes to try and cuddle when he’s going to sleep; Baby Bear, a small polar bear, Kitty the cat, Jess the cat, Winnie the Pooh and as of this evening a small stuffed toy of ‘Roo’ from winnie the pooh.

I’m going to hazard a guess that The Fiance and I weren’t the first to have slight concern/confusion when we opened the dvd case to watch ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ for the first time. For those of you that haven’t seen it, here’s what the disc looks like:

Yup. It looks like it’s a copy, yup, it looks like some cheeky bugger along the line has stolen the disc and replaced it with a copied version. They haven’t, of course, note the ’18’ and the ‘fact’ logos – This is, in fact, Sony being rather clever and ‘pirating’ their own dvd for humour sake – And considering the nature of the film, thoroughly approve.
I’m a really big fan of the ‘Millenium Trilogy’ of books by Stieg Larsson, I read all three of them, in a week, almost two years ago now. I did attempt to watch the Sweedish version of the film (2009) not long after I read the books but I felt that it was much too soon after reading them and, despite being a massive fan of foreign films, I really have to be in the right mood for something subtitled. I wasn’t in that mood then.

I’m so so glad I waited this long to see this film. Watching it was absolutely perfect because I had forgotten the little details enough (partially general bad memory, partially fibrofog fun times) that watching the film allowed me to remember it just before or just as it happened; not the same as learning it for the first time, but the next best thing.

I really, really enjoyed the film. I felt that it was very faithful to the books, just re-worked to be more linear in a way that much better suited the medium of film. When I first began watching I couldn’t quite get used to Daniel Craig as Blomkvist but as the film went on he just fit the role better and better and I now think that he’s perfect. Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander, on the other hand, was perfect from the moment she spoke; she is Lisbeth Salander.
It’s very rare that I feel that a book is well translated as a film, but in this instance I really ‘felt’ the book in the film, it just worked really rather well. Upon looking at when the the sequel will be released I was really disappointed to see that there are problems facing it. It seems that making $233m just wasn’t enough, and so Sony are looking to cut the budget for the next film, they want Craig to take a cut for the next film, he doesn’t want to. So it turns out that they’re considering cutting the whole of Blomkvist’s character from the second book if an arrangement isn’t met… Needless to say I won’t be watching it if that happens. I think it’ll be a massive shame considering how well the first film worked, how the essence of the book was captured beautifully. I want them to do that, again, with the second and third books and taking away one of the main characters will NOT do that!

Here’s my first nail of the day post featuring fimo nail art. This is my first attempt and it came out really nicely. I love the dark teal colour of Mememe’s polish in Defiant and the contrast of the purple flower worked so nicely.

I know some people use fimo slices to add lots and lots of detail to their nails but I don’t want to do that, I have a few ideas which may include more than just the one but it won’t ever be a lot.

That aside, I really love how cute it looks, it’s such a nice, easy way to do nail art.