A cheaper alternative / dupe to a Travelo

I was browsing one of the many sites that I like to ‘window’ shop on and I came across their section for ‘Travelos’. I thought I might add them on to my birthday list but because it’s over £10 for an atomiser I, really, just wasn’t sure.

So, me being me, I decided to see if I could search out a bargain.

So, in steps my lovely atomizer:

I got this on eBay. It’s quite obvious that it’s using the same system as the Travelo, in terms of the pump on the bottom, but it cost about £3 rather than £11. I won’t link the seller I used as there’s absolutely tonnes on eBay but I do recommend giving them a look, just search atomizer, I really love having mine now that I do, I wear perfume more often rather than just body sprays because it’s easier to top up throughout the day.

The only thing is, is be wary of overfilling, as they say on the sites. When I filled mine up the first time the room was quite dark and I didn’t think it was doing anything. So after a number of pumps I switched the lamp on and Ooops it was full! For the rest of the day it leaked and I was worried that that meant it just wasn’t going to work, but after I used a few sprays it stopped, so I assume it was because I accidentally overfilled it.

I’ve only had it a short while so I can’t attest to how long lasting they are, and of course there’s a variety of makers out there so it’s going to be a bit of pot luck. But for the price it’s definitely worth checking them out, I’m happy I did anyway.

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