A gorgeous little boy, gone too soon – Little Charlie Harris-Beard

There’s a little boy called Charlie whose story I’ve been following, on facebook, for a long time now. Some of you in the uk may’ve seen him on the news, and some of you may’ve already seen him on facebook.

So many people have hoped so much and wished so hard for Charlie to get better, but it’s heartbreaking to say that he passed away today. That little boy fought so very hard; as did his family to get him the absolute best possible care.

Life really isn’t fair, but the slight balance comes from the fact that Charlie has been blessed with a wonderful family who have put so much in to giving him the best possible life he could have – This past few months he’s been taken to Disneyworld, spent new year at Thomas Land and just, generall, been given the most fun and happiness possible, considering what’s been happening to his poor body.

I’m sorry to be writing such a sad post, but this is the real world, and sometimes these things happen and as much as we’d like to hide from it, it’s right there.

But, I’d like anyone who is pregnant, or knows someone who’s pregnant, or may one day have a baby, to look at this page and remember the information – Cord Blood Donation. Just remember this, and if it ever applies to you, think about it, look in to it. From the little that I know, all you are donating is the umbilical chord / placenta (click here for better explanations) it doesn’t affect your baby, it doesn’t affect your birth plan or your birth experience, you don’t have to have anything scary happen to you or your baby. The products that you’d be donating are just classed as ‘waste’ they are disposed of – But it’s this that can help people with an absolute multitude of conditions.

I didn’t know about chord blood donation when I had my son, but if I ever have another baby then I will be looking in to it. And anyone I know who has a baby will get a gentle prod in this direction – It’s a tiny thing to do that can change lives. Charlie’s life was helped by chord blood donation, he had a transplant which prolongued his life, he overcame the cancer. Unfortunately it didn’t make him totally better, his cancer came back, but anything that could improve the time that he had is a miracle in my eyes

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