February 2013 ‘Valentines’ Glossybox opening – My first Glossybox!

Imagine my excitement when I opened the front door this morning and saw my first ever Glossybox waiting for me!

Now imagine how much more exciting it was seeing as I’ve  never subsribed to Glossybox! I am, without a doubt, one of the luckiest girls around, I have a wonderful fiance and today he proved it, yet again, as it was him who ordered me the Glossybox as a surprise for my birthday which is at the end of the month. I’ve got it coming for a few months as my birthday present – So so happy!

I’d been wanting to try a beauty box for a while but really couldn’t make my mind up so the fiance has used my birthday as a chance to make the decision for me and let me try it for a few months. No idea if I’ll be able to carry on the subscription after but even for a few months it’s going to be lovely having a little box of excitingness arrive on my doorstep!

So here’s my first ever glossybox unboxing!

I even love the box – The design on the top (I assume a special valentines design?) is so pretty! Am already thinking of ways to use the box for some lovely storage ideas!
Sassoon Professional Spray Shine
I’m even more new with hair things than I am with cosmetics so I’ve definitely never tried anything like this. The can is a nice size, though, and I look forward to trying it out. I like the idea of this as part of a beauty box as it’s quite usable for most people – Even those not in to hair care will enjoy trying something to add extra shine, I’m sure! This is a 50ml can; the list price for a full sized, 250ml can is £14.89

Miners Cosmetics Lip colour in ‘Dreamer’

I’ve never used Miners before, but I’ve seen them whilst browsing various sites, so they’re not unheard of for me. I was surprised to see them in the box as I was under the impression that they are quite a cheap brand and as the price of this full size item is listed at £3.99 I guess I’m right. The packaging feels quite cheap and mine actually came apart a bit already, but it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. I quite like the look of it, even if it doesn’t have the best feel. But I am rather pleased with the shade that I got, it’s a lovely pinky mauve with quite a bit of shimmer; I’m yet to wear it but looking forward to seeing how it looks. The formula also feels quite soft, from when I put it on my hand, but obviously I’m yet to see how that translates on to the lips and how it impacts the longevity of the product. I also absolutely Love the smell of it, it’s a sweet, fruity candy sort of smell; it smells a lot like some of the lip glosses I had as a child, yum! I am surprised by it being in the box, but not disappointed – I do like nice packaging but I don’t mind if it’s not perfect as long as the product is good, so once I’ve tested this out properly, I’ll have a better idea.

Mememe Cosmetics FatCat Lengthening Mascara

I’m a Big Mememe fan! I was so so pleased to see this in the box. I’ve never tried their mascara as I’ve only just, really, gotten in to using mascara regularly, but I am really looking forward to trying this as I love the rest of the brand. This has the same, lovely, packaging design as some of my other products and, as ever, this reminds me why Mememe feel like a higher end product without the pricetag. This is another full sized product and is priced as £7.99

Micabella Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow shimmer powder in ‘Intelligence’

I’ve not heard of this brand before (not that surprising considering I’m such a newbie, heh) but I am really in to eyeshadow products at the moment and have had some lovely results with loose eye shadows so this was a nice surprise for me. The shade is a shimmery neutral/gold sort of colour which I couldn’t really capture in the light at the moment (Very overcast outside!) so I’ll have to swatch it once I’ve used it a  bit and write up about it. It’s a 1g size, so a miniature, but as it’s a mica powder shadow a little should go a loong way so I think this is a nice sized product and I look forward to trying it. The full sized product would be 2.5g and is listed as £14.95

This was another nice surprise. I have an anatomicals daily facial moisturiser which is quite simple and lovely and I’ve seen anatomicals around a lot so it’ll be really nice to try this out. I’ve only given it a quick smell but it’s a really nice floral scent – Perfect, for me, as I’m really into rose and floral scents at the moment. Yet another product I can’t wait to try! This isn’t fullsize, it’s 150ml, and the fullsize is 300ml and the list price is £5 – Would be nice and easy to repurchase if it’s as nice as it smells like it’s going to be! 
And look at this for a cute little added extra! I’ve read about little extras in glossyboxes and this one is a really sweet (pun utterly intended) addition to the box, adding to the valentines feel. Mine is, unfortunately broken, but was in perfect condition when it arrived. One of the many difficulties as blogging when you’re a parent to a crazy two-year-old who likes to smash things on top of other things. The first time he’s been on the naughty step due to a lollipop, but there you go!
Overall? So so happy with this box! It’s a nice mix of body, cosmetics and hair and I’m rather pleased that it’s weighted more towards cosmetics. For those who expect the box to be more high end then this might be disappointing – But I am absolutely over the moon with the products because they all seem great and if I love them as much as I expect to they’re much more easily repurchased; if everything was massively priced then that’d be so much harder to do!

I really am so pleased to have got this, my fiance knows me so well! I will try using the products and then try and do some posts about them throughout the month =) A lovely, lovely start to my glossbox experience and such a fab early birthday gift! 

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