I’ve gone brunette

I love dying my hair, it’s such a great way of changing your look in a relatively quick and easy way. I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 15 and it’s been a big range of colours, none of them close to my natural colour. My natural colour is a pale brownish/dark blonde sort of colour; quite a lot like my sons but his is a little lighter and less dull looking.

I’ve done it a wide range of reds, darks, brights, more natural looking and mostly as vibrant as possible. I’ve done it black, a lot, blue/black and just a normal flatter black plus a really nice red/black and a purple/black. I’ve also done it a wide range of purple shades, the more standard dark purples that fade to red in no time that you can get from the drugstore, but then also, last year, I had it Bright purple and then after that I did it Bright pink. I didn’t maintain either of the colours at their brightest as I quite enjoyed them as they faded through lots of different shades, ending up as lovely soft, pastel sort of colours.

The one colour I’ve never done is brown. I’ve been all about being as bright, vibrant and exciting as possible with my hair. But it seems that now I’ve been as bright and vibrant as possible, I’ve decided I want to go for something more ‘normal’. I took myself by surprise, as much as everyone else, when I decided to do it chocolate brown. I had hoped it’d be a bit more brown, where this is very very dark, but hopefully in a couple of weeks it’ll fade to a more normal brown shade. I’m quite loving it – I can’t imagine ever going back to my natural colour, I’m unlucky that it’s this really rubbish, wishy washy colour, and it just makes me look washed out with my pale skin, but a nice dark brown goes rather nicely with my skin tone and with my blue eyes. Plus I’m finding it much easier to stop my makeup clashing! Most of my favourite looks were ok, but just not quite right with the shade of red that my hair was most recently, and that’s not to mention how easy it is to clash when you’ve got pink hair. A red lip looks sooo nice with dark brown hair.

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