January 2013 Favourites – Beauty and books

It’s been really difficult to choose my favourites for this month, there’s been a lot but I’ve narrowed the list down as much as I can and I’m sure those things that haven’t had a mention will be showing up in future months. The list for this month is; nails (as a whole), Benefit creaseless cream shadow in ‘Bunny Hop’, Vintage cosmetics company eyelash curlers, Soap and Glory ‘Glow all out’ powder, Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner, Soap and Glory ‘Hand Food’ MOA green balm and a few books which are the ‘Wind on fire’ series by William Nicholson, Daniel Glattauer’s ‘Every Seventh Wave’ and ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn.

It’s cheating a bit to choose nails, as a whole, as one of my favourites but it would’ve been absolutely impossible for me to narrow it down to any one product this month. I’ve been totally obsessed with painting my nails this month and have painted them almost every day. The front runners for nail polish colours have been Orly’s ‘Rage’, Mememe’s ‘Metallic Nude’ and Bourjois 1 Seconde in ‘Mauve Futuristic’ but there really have been lots of others too and lots of nail care products that I’ve loved too.

I am really enjoying cream eyeshadows, as a whole, at the moment. I managed to get a few of the Benefit ones just after Christmas and am loving how simple and easy it is to just smudge some on to the lids and have a nice, long lasting, eye look without a lot of effort. The benefit ones are really really long wearing and the shades are absolutely beautiful but it’s been ‘Bunny Hop’ that I’ve been reaching for the most this month.

I’m really lucky to have naturally long, dark, curly eyelashes so I’ve never really used eyelash curlers before. But I’ve seen them used a lot in various YouTube videos, even by those with good lashes, and so when I got a set in my Lastest in Beauty Advent Calendar I thought I’d try them out. Obviously I have little to compare them with but I really love these eyelash curlers, they add a fantastic curl to my lashes which is really long lasting and really helps to open up my eyes even more.

I’ve been using this powder for about a year now and have always loved it, it is, by far, my favourite of the Soap and Glory cosmetics products. I decided, though, to try not using it for a few months as I wanted to try other products instead but I started using it again this month and I’ve fallen in love with it anew. It adds an absolutely gorgeous highlight to the cheeks as well as a little colour and it’s when I started wearing this powder that people began commenting on how healthy I look (despite the fact that I’m really not, heh).

I bought some of the Blistex balm as I’d seen sooo many videos where Estee from Estee Lalonde raved about it. I’ve always loved lip balms, even before I became so much more interested in beauty, and this one really is fantastic. I’ve already made a huge dent in it, I use it every day, before I apply lipstick and then throughout the day, too. Definitely a new obsession.

I get eczema on my hands, quite a lot, and not much helps it but this stuff really does. During this colder weather the eczema gets so much worse so this month I’ve been using the cream so much more. The current tube I have is pretty old so it doesn’t smell like it normally does, but when it’s still as its best it smells absolutely amazing (it has the signature s+g scent), I’ve nearly finished the tube so can’t wait to start a new one and my hands can smell good again!

Another product which helps with my eczema is the MOA green balm. It helps soften the dry patches and it also helps to heal any patches which are particularly sore, I wouldn’t want to be without this stuff now that I’ve found it, it’s a great little first aid type product.

There are books that I love every month but there’s been quite a few standout ones this month. The Fiance bought me the ‘Wind on Fire’ series for Christmas as he really loves them and they were really so enjoyable. Not the best writing ever and the plot had holes, the series was written for children and that is evident when you read them. But that said, they were really enjoyable books with a great story and really well written characters, I’ll definitely be reading the three books again in the future.

Another book which was a favourite for this month is ‘Every Seventh Wave’ by Daniel Glattauer. I read the book before this one a couple of years ago (I believe), it’s called ‘Love Virtually’ and was a really easy to read and charming book about the interactions between two people, via email, that have only ever known each other via the internet. This second book is the continuation of the story and so was equally as charming, following the same believable and likeable characters; expanding on their story and their personalities both.

The last book that I want to mention for this month is ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. I saw this mentioned in a book haul by Lena at ‘jsutkissmyfrog’ and as I tend to enjoy the things she recommends I decided to buy this one. As far as I know it’s been really popular and in top ten lists all over, which I really do understand now that I’ve read it. It’s a truly captivating story, wonderfully well written and full of intrigue. I’ve not enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed this one, in a long time and would really recommend it to most people. It’s a thriller but not in the more obvious way and I think it’d be accessible for most readers.

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