Kids are flippin’ funny #1

I’ve been blogging about beauty a lot, it’s hard to miss that fact if you’ve been anywhere near my page recently, but I really have been loving it and I think it’ll most definitely be a strong theme for my blog in general. But as much as I am loving the beauty world at the moment, there’s a whole lot more in my life, and why shouldn’t that stay an important feature in my blog?!

My little boy is a constant source of love, fun, stress, worry, happiness , entertainment, joy and utter crazy in my life. How could he not be? He says, and does some of the most amusing things, plus he forces me to say and do some of the most ‘amusing’ things, his idea of amusing anyway. I always mean to write down the things that he does but if I don’t do it quick enough it slips away and the memory is too vague to share.

I had a couple of anecdotes to put in here but they always seem to be difficult to translate into blog format, they always end up too long and rambly. So, I think I’ll make this sort of post just some points, random ideas, nothing too long (obviously this is the first one, so there’s some explaining in here, nya, I can’t help myself, I’m made to ramble)

# I should be annoyed when he destroys his bedroom, removes his matress and turns it in to some sort of ‘stunt man’ safety net and starts just throwing himself onto it with a bounce… I should be =D

# Sometimes he likes me talking in silly voices, sometimes he tells me to ‘sound ploply Mummy’ (properly for non loons)

# Making me sing him the silliest songs just because I sang it once; I can sing the ‘Tigger’ song far too fast and in far too many silly voices for my liking

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