Kids are Flippin’ Funny #3

A couple of nights ago my poor little boy woke up three times in one night (poor me, too, I have to add!) and the third time was at 5am. The  moment I walked in I realised he was much more wide awake than normal, and he was really upset. The moment he saw me he said ‘Mummy! It’s a monster, a scary monster!’

I knelt by his bed and gave him a big cuddle, asking him what was wrong, told him there’s no monsters. He said ‘Yes Mummy, monsters, it’s like a black chicken!’ – This is the first time he’s ever told me what actually happened in one of his dreams and, although I felt so sorry for him, I did have a little internal giggle, a black chicken… unusual choice for a nightmare from his crazy little toddler brain!

We talked about it, some more, the following morning and he remembered it quite vividly, running around the house laughing about a black chicken chasing him and stealing his t-shirt. Am very pleased he’s able to giggle about it!

Funny thing #2 is that we’ve had another big boots delivery recently, and there’s something that always happens when we have a big boots delivery. The boy insists on eating all of his meals whilst sat in a box

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