Kids are Flippin Funny #4

The boy has always loved having a bed full of toys; mostly stuffed toys but there is an empty beaker with two trains in it and a rubber starfish bath toy thing too. He has loads that sit around the head end of the bed, and then a set that sit at the bottom of the bed too – I’d list them all but it’d make a nice, brief post into an essay.

He used to only need one stuffed toy to cuddle, ‘Baby Bear’ who I used to call Blue Bear but The Boy renamed him once he could talk (similarly to his seahorse toy which is in the picture below, formerly known as Bob, now known as Mob) but over the past few months there’s become a few more. In fact, there’s now six stuffed toys that he likes to try and cuddle when he’s going to sleep; Baby Bear, a small polar bear, Kitty the cat, Jess the cat, Winnie the Pooh and as of this evening a small stuffed toy of ‘Roo’ from winnie the pooh.

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