LIB – Latest in Beauty – ‘Little Beauty Box’ for February 2013

I ummed and ahhed a lot over getting a subscription to a beauty box, after Christmas. I researched it, a Lot. I read a lot of reviews, a lot of blog posts and a lot of opinions which went to either one extreme or another.

I ended up still wanting to get a subscription but just not being sure it was a very good idea right now. Of course, as my post not so long ago shows, my lovely fiance took the matter in to his own hands and I got my first Glossy Box this month, and will be getting it for a further three months! But during all of these deliberations, I discovered Latest in Beauty.

Again, as my older posts show, I was lucky enough to be able to order their advent calendar after Christmas at a half price rate and I’m still really enjoying playing with some of the bits I got from it, plus have lots more to start trying. I’ve also had their Complexion Perfection set which is a lovely, lovely selection of really nice cosmetics. But I also decided to get their ‘Little beauty box’ every month – For £1.50 you get three much more standard sample sized samples. Ok so it’s not as luxurious as a full on beauty box but still a really nice way to try out new things and, best of all, you get to choose which ones you want from the range available!

So, here’s the box I chose for February 2013:

Weleda Birch Cellulite oil, Time perfume by Lulu and Lavera Wild Rose Face Cream

I think it was meant to be 4 or 5 sachets of the face cream, but I got sent 6 so that’ll be a nice weeks worth of use. And the Cellulite oil is 2 x 10ml bottles which is quite a lot, and if it’s like other oils it’ll go a long way! Very impressed with the amounts, this month, for such a small £1.50.

I’ve not used any of the products,  yet, but I’m really looking forward to trying them. I do plan on getting the regular monthly little boxes because they’re just quite fun. I really like the way that you can choose just how you do things with LIB – I plan on getting some of the luxury samples, at some point, it’s a nice, cheap way of having a go with some products. And some of the samples are also a really good size so you get a really good deal too.

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