Most Popular Toys for Christmas 2012 in our house

I thought I’d do a quick post about the toys which The Boy has played with, the most, in hweeks following Christmas. He was very lucky and got some great gifts and he’s played with them all a lot, watched the dvds a couple of times and read all of the books a lot too, but there’s been a few which have been played with pretty much every day and so I thought they were worth mentioning for those looking for ideas for little ones. Obviously these are for a boy of 2-3 years but we’re not particularly gender restrictive and a lot of his toys would be suitable for older children as well as those closer to his age.

Although, as I said above, he’s played with all of his new things a lot, the thing he’s played with the most, without a doubt , is the train set. He already had a basic set from last year, but what he got this Christmas was all BigJigs. He got; one of their expansion packs of extra, basic pieces, the turntable, the tunnel, the shed, the level crossing and the coal docks (Which has a crane, two trucks with magnetic loads of coal on and a barge/boat). Needless to say we’re rather big BigJigs fans!

Wooden train track – Mostly Bigjigs

Assorted vehicles from Early Learning Centre
Wooden ‘Gordon’ from Thomas and friends, to go with
wooden train track
Toy trolley with lots of toy food

George and his dragon by WOW toys
And proof that this child is bonkers. It wasn’t a christmas present
but he acquired it from Grandma and he loves playing with this old
style clothes peg

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