Monday, 25 February 2013

My brush collection so far... Including Crown, Eco Tools, Vintage Cosmetics company and more

Just thought I'd post a pic of the brushes I have, so far. They're mostly crown, MUA and ecotools, plus I've got a royal, a lydia and a vintage cosmetics company in there, too. I'm not going to review individual brushes, just yet, because I'm hoping to get some new ones after my birthday. But so far I'm really enjoying the crown, MUA, ecotools and vintage cosmetics company ones; and the others were only cheapy ones I got a while ago anyway. (If anyone has a specific question about the name of a brush in the pic, just comment me and I'll let you know)

Sorry about our half done bathroom in the background. They were drying
on the edge of the bath
There's a select few from each of the brands that I reach for most days and I'm interested to see how that'll change once I've, hopefully, got some Real Techniques brushes with my birthday money (I've got a good idea of which ones I want to get, but any recommendations would be much appreciated)

I've not had any shedding from any of them, yet, they all wash nicely and they're lovely and soft - I'd highly recommend all four of the main brands I mentioned. As I said, though, I don't use every single one of the ones from each range, every day, so hopefully I'll be ready to do a favourite brushes type post next month so I can narrow down which ones I recommend the most from each range.


  1. I keep getting tempted to try the MUA ones but can't imagine they would be that good quality for the price! I guess i'll eventually have to take the plunge and try them one day.

    Amy xo

    1. In all honesty I don't think you'd regret it. I'm really impressed with the quality and a Lot of other people say the same. Even the regular eyeshadow brush is good, it's got quite stiff bristles but that works because it goes in to a taper so it works really nicely for applying shadow across the whole lid but then you can use the tapered point to get into the crease - I have lots of brushes that do that separately, but it's nice having one that does it if necessary. I've not had any shedding from the ones I have, and I am really impressed by the quality, they feel nice to hold even

  2. Hi! What bramd is the pink one? I have most Real Technique brushes, my favorite are the buffing brush and the deluxe crease brush, wish they sold them separately...

    1. That's the Vintage Cosmetics company shadow brush, it's really nice, though quite a different shape from other shadow brushes I have.

      Yeah I'll be getting the core collection, probably, so I can get the buffing brush; though, luckily, I want the contouring brush,too, so I'm not just gertting it for the one brush :)