Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nail stamping - How I store my plates

Towards the end of last year I discovered nail stamping. I managed to get a nice little, basic, Konad starter kit from for about £10 in a sale and it all started there. I've since bought two, large, sets of other plates from and so have a collection of about 47 plates (I think).

Of course, the main problem when you get to that many is how to store them. Luckily, all it took, was a quick search online and I found a few people recommending folders with some sort of card holder wallets to hold each plate. I checked the dimensions of my plates and found that wallets for card collectors were the perfect size so I ordered a pack, along with some rubber matting which helps things to grip which I've trimmed down to line each pocket and stop the plates from slipping out.

I want to get a four hole folder as the two holes don't hold the wallet perfectly, but for now here it is:


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