New, hand decorated, make up storage

I’ve always stored my makeup in bags, or my cosmetics box, up until recently but having seen lots of blogs, and videos, where people use lovely different types of storage I’ve been buying bits and bobs to make myself a nice setup.

My favourite piece has to, most definitely be this one.

My mum picked this up, as just plain cardboard, from Hobbycraft, for £1.50 in a sale section, a few weeks ago (She got a couple for herself for her crafting pens etc, I think stationary is more what they were designed for) and she’s used her really rather awesome crafting skills to make it look so pretty. She’s not got a blog yet, but needless to say when she does I shall be sharing it. I absolutely love it, it’s a soft pink with hints of cream which she’s rubbed down with an antique gold colour and it’s just soo pretty! It’s just perfect for storing brushes, lip glosses and lipsticks in too. Obviously, because it’s cardboard, it’s not going to last forever but she’s sealed it with something crafty which will make it last longer =D

I’ve got a post coming up next week or the week after which will show my storage all together; it’s not quite as impressive as many other people’s but I really quite love it.


  1. Amy February 22, 2013 / 11:39 pm

    That's amazing! I'm so bad for keeping things neat and such – everythings just in a drawer and spilling into the wrong boxes! I think I may have to get creative too.

    Amy xo

  2. admin February 22, 2013 / 11:59 pm

    I've gone, in the past year, but even more so this past 6 months from being someone with a few bits and bobs in a bag to having a real collection in about four bags and a box lol. So I needed to try and organize, especially as I kept seeing peoples posts about theirpretty set ups on youtube.

    I've got a post going up during next week sometime which will show the whole of the top of that set of drawers as I've got a few different storage things including a 'box in box' which was 4 or 5 pounds on ebay from hong kong but so handy, just loads of little boxes tht all sit I side this one big box/tray.

    Keep an eye out for the post if you want to see it, it makes a gokd starting point 🙂

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