A supermarket haul – Beauty and toddler – N-spa and bargain clothes and toys

We decided to go along to Asda with Grandma the other day, The Boy has been asking to go to the supermarket for ages and the weather was a bit rubbish so was nice to get out without actually being outside that much (nope, not a clue why he was so excited about going to the supermarket).

I remembered hearing that the brand ‘N-spa’ was available from Asda and as The Fiance’s lovely friends got me some N-spa bits at Christmas, which are really nice, I thought I’d take a look. The prices were wonderful  – Two body scrubs, or shower gels, or body butters for £4 rather than £3 each! And they had similar fragrances to the likes of Body shop. I didn’t buy any of those as I have scrubs and washes and butters coming out of my ears. But I did have a real look as another part of their range which was all in more basic white or clear packaging – There was all sorts of bits and bobs, foaming body washes, cleansers (I think) etc, but the only thing that really stood out as something I quite want to try is their ‘Jojoba and White Musk Dry Body Oil’

This was £2 (I think that was a promotional price) which is an utter bargain as there’s 150ml of product in there and oils always tend to go a really long way. I’ve not had a chance to use it after a bath, yet, but I sprayed some on the back of my hand earlier and it was so nice! It’s a really strong musk smell at first, but before long it mellows down to a much softer smell. I only sprayed once on my hand but it ended up rubbing into most of my lower arm, too, really does go a long way and my hand and arm still feel extra soft now. There’s a lovely sheen to the skin, too, but it doesn’t feel oily at all, even though it was dry skin the oil rubbed in nicely and didn’t leave any sort of residue. Very impressed!

I had, mostly, wanted to go to Asda to look at the clothes for the toddler shaped one. He’s at a stage where his jeans are getting a bit smaller but he’s not quite ready for a size up; so I wanted to just get one pair so I can slowly add bigger sizes in before doing a complete change over. As we were browsing the boy shouted ‘Look it’s carrots!’, yes, in the clothes section.

I just Had to get him the t-shirt, he’s obsessed with carrots at the moment and it says ‘Crazy carrots’ on it. I also let him choose his own socks, so he has brightly coloured ones with cars on. Asda’s George clothing range is really good quality and so reasonable, especially for the kids ranges. The jeans I got are £5, and the quality is so nice, the t-shirt was £4 and it again is just the sort of quality you’d expect from somewhere like Next, and the socks were also £4 which was for 5 pairs. Not a whole new wardrobe, but a few bits to add in so that it’ll be easier to take out smaller bits when the time comes.

The last things I picked up were these lovely little toys. I initially saw that they were £2 for a pack, which was one of the chopping boards, one knife and two veggies/fruit which cut in half and are velcro. But when I looked again I realised they were reduced to £1 a pack, so this little pile of things was just £2 in total. The Boy played with them constantly when we got home, he’s become really interested in play food, recently, and so something he could actually ‘chop’ like we do had him so excited. It’ll go really nicely with the plates, cups, pans, cutlery etc set that I’ve got him for his birthday, and an utter bargain! If you’re in asda any time soon, check out their toys section!

One other quick Asda tip is take a look at their easter eggs. They have a whole range of ones for £1 which are themed to the tastes of most little ones, there was Thomas, Peppa pig, Minnie mouse and many others. They had a little egg, some buttons and a little chocolate bar in the box- A nice mix of things which would make them more easy to ration for little ones, rather than it all just being on big egg. I didn’t pick one up this time as the boy was with us, but will be asking my mum to pick up a Thomas one for me next time she’s there 🙂

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