Thursday, 28 March 2013

Another fantastic t-shirt!

After sharing my new, Karen Hallion, t-shirt with you the other day (See HERE), I thought I'd show you this really amazing t-shirt too.

This one is from Qweree and it's just so very very cool.

I'm a really big Big Bang Theory fan so this was, yet another, obvious choice but this stands out to me even more than other Big Bang Theory tees do because it's got so much more to it - It's got all of my favourite Sheldon quotes plus ones I didn't even remember!

Really am bad at taking self pics, easier if I pretend the camera
isn't there
I really like the shade of green, too, it's not as bright as my Belle and Dr Who t-shirt is but it's a more 'apple green' shade - I like it, a lot. Woo for colour!


  1. BAZINGA! xD Love it so much :D x

    1. It's such a great t-shirt isn't it?! I love all the ones with just one quote on but with soo many on this one just makes me laugh so much.

      Contemplating teaching my son to say Bazinga =D xx

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