Another Fragrance direct haul – Featuring Dainty Doll, revlon, rimmel and bourjois

Before you read on – A quick edit – For first reactions and colours in the pans then keep reading this post – But for Dainty Doll swatches please click HERE

I decided that, seeing as I only had about £15 of birthday money left after ordering my three months of Birchbox subsription (I’ve got more hauls scheduled for this week which I ordered before this but arrived after) where would be better to spend it than Fragrance Direct – Especially when I could get all of this for £14.90 incl the p+p costs. I mainly went on the site to pick up some more Dainty Doll after I was so so happy with what I got in my last order, but I couldn’t resist a few of the other bargains from favourite brands like Rimmel, Revlon and bourjois.

Here’s what I got:

I’ll do the non Dainty Doll stuff first as I’d like to do all of the DD stuff together and I’ve got a Dainty Doll bit at the end which wasn’t from this order.

This is the Bourjois 3D effect lip gloss in 63 Rose – I’ve wanted this for ages but kept not getting it but as it was £1.99 on Fragrance Direct and I was already going to be paying p+p for the rest I decided that now was the time! 

I’ve got one of the Kate Moss lipsticks in a haul later this week, but I really liked this shade and seeing as it was £1.99 on FD I just had to give it a go. This is the shade 19 – I think it’s soo pretty!

Considering I love Revlon as much as I do, it’s a bit crazy that I don’t have any of their nail polishes, or should I say didn’t. This one was 99p and it’s their Matte Suede polish in the shade Ruby Ribbon – Can’t wait to try this, think it’ll be going on my nails tonight.

I’m on the search for the ‘right’ pink for me. I’m not sure this is it but I do think that this shade looks really pretty so for 99p, again, it just had to be worth a try – It’s in the shade Rose Libertine
This is the last non Dainty Doll item I ordered and it’s another Rimmel polish, I really really rate Rimmel polishes and I love red polishes too – I just had to get rid of a nice deep red that I loved as it was quite old so hopefully this’ll be a nice replacement. It’s hard to see here but it’s got a nice shimmer in it, again, looking forward to wearing this, keep an eye out for some pictures of it on the nails in the future. This is the shade Fierce Cherry and it, too, was 99p.
I really do love the fact that you can buy brands, such as these above, for such amazingly good prices – I think Fragrance Direct is definitely one of my favourite sites at the moment; it has p+p charges unlike other sites that I use, but the items they have more than make up for that.

But, the main reason I was ordering was for a few more Dainty Doll bits, so here they are.

This is the Dainty Doll powder blush in ‘003 Money Talks’ – I absolutely love these really subtle blush colours, really looking forward to trying this one out, possibly today! This was £1.99 an absolute utter bargain.

These last two pics were taken on my phone as my camera battery died and I just wanted to get this written. 
I didn’t order any eye liner pencils in my first FD order, but this time I just thought I’d give them a go. I thought I’d ordered a charcoal colour but I think I must’ve clicked the wrong one as I have a black one in shade ‘001 Proud Mary’ and a greeny teal colour in ‘004 Shake your tail’. Not the end of the world that it’s black, though, I like black liners and these pencils seem to be a nice formula. 

This lipstick is the main reason that I was ordering. I chose to just get the two more neutral shades in my last order but this one played on my mind as I really wanted to try it – It’s shade ‘001 Couture’ and it’s a really really dark red colour. Another shade I can’t wait to try. This was £1.99 the same as the blush.

As well as the bits I got from fragrance direct, I also picked up the Dainty Doll cream blush in ‘001 Paper roses’ from ebay for just under £4 – Dainty Doll seems to be on offer in a few places at the moment, worth having a search. (I ordered this before I knew I was going to make another order from FD)

I’m sorry that there aren’t any swatches. I do have some pics but only for some of the products and I don’t want to post some but not all. I’m finding Dainty Doll pretty difficult to photograph, the really subtle pale shades are beautiful on the face but on the back of the hand they don’t always pick up perfectly on camera. But I want to have a play around and see what I can get so, hopefully, later this week I’m going to see if I get the chance and I’m going to try and do swatches of all of my Dainty Doll things, including the ones from my last order. So, watch this space, hopefully towards the end of this week, or the weekend I’ll be able to pop up a post with swatches for all of the blushes, lipsticks etc that I have from this beautiful range.

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