Birchbox UK – March 2013 – Unboxing

I saw some previews of what was going to be in the March UK Birchbox and, considering I’d been seeing all the posts about the Jan and Feb boxes and wishing I’d got them, I thought I’d bite the bullet and get a subscription. I used birthday money to subscribe for 3 months, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep the subscription up once it’s over but I really hope I can, if the boxes stay as good as they have been so far this month!

But anyway, my box arrived yesterday. I’m not posting it until today because it was a bit late by the time I got to look at it and write up the post so I thought it just best to wait until a fresh day and share then instead!

So, here’s what was in my box.

 It’s safe to say I was pretty flippin’ excited by the contents of my box. This is exactly the box I saw in the preview that made me get the subscription in the first place. It seemed that in the Jan and Feb boxes everyone got the same items so when I saw this I thought it would be the same and that’s what made me subscribe, but a little while after I saw another preview which had different items. So since then I’ve been waiting eagerly to find out which bits I’d get in my box. I was really really pleased to get Exactly what I’d hoped for!

Of course, first, I have to talk about the beauty blender. This was the item that made me want the box – I’ve never tried a beauty blender before but I have really wondered about them and have hoped I’d get the chance to try one. I was planning on getting one of the dupes which are out there, but just kept putting it off and now I’m glad I did as this is the real deal! These are selling, for a pack of two, on the birchbox shop for £24. 
We also get the cleanser to go with it which is a really fab little added bonus. It’s a nice little sample size and I’m assuming it’ll only take a little for each clean so hope it’ll last a while – The full size of this would be £22.
Another item I was looking forward to finding out about was this gel eyeliner by Laura Geller Beauty. It seemed that everyone got one, but some were black and some were purple. I think a lot of people were hoping for black in their boxes but I was really hoping for a purple as I have a black gel eyeliner but I don’t have purple. So, again, I was thrilled that it was this shade that arrived in my box. 
So far I’m really impressed with this liner. It’s lovely and creamy and it goes on so smoothly, the little brush in the lid is lovely too. What I love the most is the colour; at first glances it just looks like a really dark purple colour, almost black but not quite, but when you get it in the right light it has a sheen to it which makes it look Really purple. I tried to get some photos but it was hard to get it looking as purple as I saw in the mirror on my eyes, so here’s just a more standard swatch. 
You can see that it looks quite purple but it looked even brighter in the right light. When I tried to rub this swatch off the back of my hand it did Not want to budge. I got it off in the end but I had to rub it so so hard so I think this should make for a really long lasting product. This is selling, on the birchbox shop, in a pack of two (one purple, one black) for £24.50 which makes this liner alone £12. 
This is a body lotion with Argan oil by La Sultane De Saba, a brand that I’ve never heard of before. As it was so late that I got the box I’ve not had much chance to play with the products other than the liner, but I had a quick smell of this; it didn’t smell of much but the smell that it did have was pleasant enough. I’ll definitely give this a go; I’m quite a big fan of the body products I already use but I do like the idea of trying lots of different things. This sample is 30ml and the full size of this is £26.50.
Considering the amazing items I got, I don’t mind in the slightest that one of them is a perfume sample! I’ve not smelled this yet but I do like molton brown products, though it’s been a Long time since I had any. I look forward to giving this a smell, may even wear it tomorrow. The full size of this product is £65.
I have never heard of the brand Yu-Be before so this moisturising skin cream will be something nice and different to try out. The birchbox card says that it’s a best seller in Japan and I’m definitely interested in trying brands from other parts of the world so I look forward to giving this a go. This is a diddy little sample of 3g but if it’s a moisture cream it’ll hopefully be the sort that spreads a long way. The full size costs £19.50.
Annnnd. As an added extra we were given a tin of Lindtt Lindor truffles! As far as added extra freebies go, I’m definitely a fan of chocolate! I love Lindtt chocolate and these truffles are rather yummy so I look forward to enjoying them. I love that they are in a cute little tin, too, I’m sure I’ll find something to use this for! This retails at £2.99.

So. I’m pretty sure you can see why I’m so happy with this box. I absolutely love the mix of makeup and skin care, I’m so pleased with the beauty blender and I think that the full sized gel eyeliner is wonderful. The actual samples themselves are all really interesting and I look forward to trying them out… And there’s also chocolate, what more could I want!?

First birchbox is, without a doubt, a hit. I just can’t wait for next month now! 


  1. DoubleTroubleBlondie March 19, 2013 / 11:27 am

    Super jealous you got the liner and the beauty blender!! it was such a great box though 🙂 great review!!

    • admin March 19, 2013 / 12:22 pm

      I do feel bad for those who didn't get the best things. Am so glad I got them, used the blender loads already and worn the liner a couple of times.

      It really is a good box, though, even for those who didn't get the blender. Can't wait to see what they do next month!

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