Empties post #1

So, here goes with my first empties post!

Not very interesting, deodorant. Not even the brand I usually use, these were just left over from various times and I thought I should use them up. All gone now, back to nivea. 
A lot of these empties are Soap and Glory. Why? Because I LOVE soap and glory! 
This was my second bottle of Clean Mary cleansing milk to be finished and I’m already into my third, and last bottle. I don’t mind that it’s my last, though, as when I’ve finished with that I’m going to be moving on to the ‘Peaches and clean’ cleanser by them which I’ve heard is even better. (They don’t make clean mary anymore, by the way)
This is a miniature of the Soap and glory Flake away scrub. This is a really nice scrub, in their signature scent which is one of my favourite scents. I have a full sized tub which I will be using, but not just yet. I find that, out of all of their scrubs (And I’ve used all but one) this one lends itself least to the bath as it tends to be harder to wash off the skin, it clings, and it leaves more residue in the bath. The other scrubs by them don’t stick to the skin in the same way so they’re easier to use in the bath – I think Flake Away will be perfect in the shower, though, so the tub shall be used once we move out as we’ll definitely be getting a place with a shower!

This is another Soap and glory scrub which has that same, signature ‘original pink’ scent which I so love. It’s a little less of a strong scrub than Flake away but it’s a lovely scrub all the same, and much better in the bath as the granules wash off much more easily. It leaves the skin feeling really soft and quite moisturised too; I’m already into my second tube of this. 

Hand Food, by soap and glory, is my favourite hand cream ever. Yet again it has the signature scent, and it lingers on the hands for ages after you use it. It’s also wonderfully moisturising and it helps keep the eczema on my hands at bay as long as I remember to use it. The only thing to remember is that if you have the tube for too long (if you forget to use things a lot like I do) then the scent does go a bit funny and it takes longer to sink into the skin, so definitely used best at its prime. I’m just finishing off a miniature of this which is getting a bit old before I move on to my new full sized one and a new miniature to go in my handbag.

This is another Soap and Glory item which isn’t sold anymore. I got this, along with the clean mary, in a big boots bundle about 18 months ago (like the xmas ones but without a bag to go with it, and older products). It’s a great shower wash, it’s really fresh and invigorating. I’m a bit sad that it’s all gone but I am now alternating between ‘Clean on me’ and ‘Rich and Foamous’ which are fantastic and make up for it being gone. 

I really like this face wash. It has helped my skin a bit and it is really nice to use, I’m part way through my second tube now. Once the second tube is finished I won’t be buying it again straight away as I want to try some other face washes first. This wasn’t a ‘wow’ product for me, but it’s really good and having read reviews it has been a ‘wow’ product for some so really worth a look. 

I know this isn’t totally empty, but it is totally grey. This was, once, an MUA clear mascara; but it hasn’t been clear for some time now. I decided it had to go as it had been getting murkier and murkier and it’s just a bit gross now. I used to use this on my lashes, before I discovered that using black mascara didn’t have to be ‘too much’ on my lashes. Since then, though, I’ve still been using this, but as a brow gel instead. I’m very particular about my brows, I don’t like them getting messy, this stuff is fantastic, and for £1 it’s just the perfect brow product. (I’m already using a second one of this) 

This was my first ever can of batiste. I never really wanted to try a dry shampoo, but one day I just decided it might be a good idea and decided to get hold of a can. I really wanted to get the tropical scented one but it was  out of stock and this one was actually really nice. It’s quite a strong smell so if I used this I often didn’t need to wear a spray or perfume as this would sometimes overpower it. I know some people find that batiste leaves white marks in their hair but I find that if I rub it in enough those disappear, it makes my hair look better, more voluminous and definitely gives me an extra day before it needs washing, it also seems to make it feel a bit nicer too. I managed to get the tropical scented one for my current can, though I have the cherry one too which I one in the Andrex Clean campaign.

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