February Beauty Favourites 2013

Ok so we’re a few days into March, so I’m not exactly right on time with the February favourites; my excuse is pretty good, though, I think, as I’ve been quite poorly. I am still quite poorly, really, but am better enough to get a few blogs written up so that I can try and get a bit more back on track with things. That said, I do have what feels to be an ear infection starting, which really is the last thing I need. I shall do my best to avoid any more blog silence though,

So, here’s my list for February. It’s been tricky to cut it down, but I managed it; there’s plenty of things that Could have gone into the list, though, and if they carry on being as loved, next month, as they were in Feb, then maybe they’ll be popping up in a favourites post in the near future.

I’ll go with the skincare item first, which is ‘Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz‘ 
My mum always used to buy me miniature toners along with cleansers etc as stocking fillers over the years and I’ve always used them for a short while and then stopped bothering. But since I’ve been more interested in beauty, my interest in skincare has obviously risen too. I saw this mentioned by a few different bloggers and vloggers and seeing as I love rose things, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve used it every day, morning and night, and it leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and toned. I spray it onto cotton wool, as I tend to be really bad at spraying things on to my face and lose far too much product, and just apply it that way after cleansing and before moisturising. This is 100% organic which was a big draw, and it is really reasonable at £4.99 from boots (also often on offer, botanics is currently in their 3 for 2).
This second item should come as no surprise considering my post earlier in the month (here); my love for this palette hasn’t dwindled at all. I love the shades and they’re so lovely and pigmented and easy to use. I don’t often get a lot of time to do a big eye look, most of my makeup is done in a hurry as it’s sat in the living room whilst trying to keep an eye on the toddler whilst I snatch 10 minutes for myself. But I find that doesn’t really matter, with this palette, I’m able to use just one or two shades to do a nice, simple, look and not have to take too much time over it. 
Carrying on with the MUA theme, I have been really loving their new highlighter from the ‘Undress Your skin’ range. I’ve only had these products for about a week, and I’ve had other things to use so they haven’t been the only things I’ve been trying out, but this highlighter is something I’ve used every day. It’s a lovely formula and just adds a really nice highlight; it has a nice pinky cast rather than gold or silver, so it highlights without being too obvious. I really really love this product. 
Following on from a highlighter, a contour product makes a lot of sense. This blush by Nyx in shade ‘Taupe’ is just the absolutely perfect contour powder for my skin tone. I’ve seen this mentioned by a few bloggers and when I got it I understood why. I’m quite new to contouring, but I’ve tried a couple of other bronzers since I started playing around with it, but none of them work quite the same as this – I like the look that a bronzer gives, but in terms of a naturally contoured look this blush is perfect for pale skin; it emulates shadow just perfectly. I think I’ve used this almost every day since I got it in January. 
All of my other products are eye products. As I said when writing about the undress me too palette, I don’t get a lot of time for my makeup and, for me, eyes take most of the time. So, on the days when I’ve had even less time and haven’t been able to bring out a palette (which is probably about 50% of the time) I’ve been grabbing this Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘On and on Bronze’ – I’m hardly the first to mention these but for good reason, they’re just so good. For an every day look I’ve been wearing just this, with mascara and the rimmel scandaleyes in nude in the waterline (and sometimes wearing taupe on the top lashline if I’ve had more time) and it’s just such a simple, but really nice eye look. 
As I’ve just said, I’ve been using these two scandaleyes eyeliners by Rimmel a lot this month, too. The nude is just perfect for brightening the under eye area, which is fab if you’re feeling run down (though a lot of the time during my poorly time I’ve not worn any makeup). The taupe shade is lovely, too. I tend to just use it as a tiny bit of added definition on a natural eye look; I’ve not been wearing black eyeliner much as it takes a lot of time and is just a bit much for a day to day look for me, but this liner just adds a little something to a look
Lastly, but by no means least, is Soap and Glory’s ‘Thick and Fast’ mascara. Now, I actually haven’t mentioned S+G much in my posts, yet, which is rather surreal as I am a Massive fan, but this mascara is something I’ve used a Lot recently. I said in last months favourites how I’d discovered how nice it is to curl my lashes, well black mascara is quite a discovery for me too. This may sound weird, to most, but I’ve never really worn it much. I’ve been lucky to have naturally long, dark and curly lashes so always thought that wearing mascara was pointless, but as I’m getting older they aren’t quite so dark and don’t stand out quite so much, so some mascara makes a massive difference. I’ve had this particular mascara for quite a long time now (Anyone remember when it was free with Elle magazine?) and it’s still going strong – I’ve not used it constantly since then, by any means, but it’s been open since then and is still showing no signs of drying up. I love the brush as it’s big but not huge, and the mascara goes on really easily. I feel like I barely have to touch the lashes with it and it just goes on – It’s never clumped and it lasts all day. It’s hard to say how much a mascara does with my lashes, as they’re naturally such a good starting point, but this does just enough for me without being too much – I absolutely love it. 

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