Feel Unique and Asos mini hauls – Bought with birthday money

As you know I got myself a nice set of Real techniques brushes with my birthday money but I just felt like there was one missing. So the day after they arrived I was on feelunique and I ordered the setting brush for £6.99 as I felt like it’d just finish off my collection (for now) by giving me something which I could specifically use for highlighting. Needless to say, I love it, it arrived today, along with a Burts Bees honey lip balm which I ordered at the same time, and it’s just perfect. Real techniques Are as good as everyone says, I expected them to be but it’s so nice to have it proved by my own experience!

I also found out that Asos had 33% off Rimmel London products so I decided to have a quick look and the Scandaleyes shadow pencils were in the offer, and I really wanted to try the shade ‘002 Bulletproof beige’, plus the Kate Moss lipsticks were in the offer, too, so I put shade 08, a lovely soft mauve colour, into my basket too. I’ve been wanting to try one of the Kate lipsticks for a while, and 33% off seemed as good a time as any! I also decided to get one of the Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliners in black, after the recommendation of Khila at ‘Miss Budget Beauty’ on youtube.


And, for once, as the Fiance was there to keep an eye on the little loopy one I was able to get some swatches whilst the light was still ok-ish.


Swatch of Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Bulletproof Beige

So far I’m really pleased with all of the things I got from both FeelUnique and Asos. I already talked about the brush, the lip balm is moisturising and smelled lots like honey. I wore the Rimmel lipstick today and it’s a gorgeous shade, the lipstick was lovely and creamy too. It didn’t last a super long time, but it lasted an acceptable amount of time and I see myself wearing it a lot. The eyeshadow pencil is a lovely shimmery, beige colour which I really like at the moment, I applied it lightly to the whole lid and it lasted all day without primer. Really lovely products.

One, last, random little thing is, I got this in my Asos order, too.
This has 6 chapters of the book in it, if I remember rightly. It’s like a ‘sample’ but of a book and I just think it’s a wonderful idea! You can get kindle versions of things like this, for free, but obviously you have to be looking through books in the first place, but the idea of popping this as a free sample into deliveries is great. I’m definitely going to give those 6 chapters a read and if I enjoy it I may well buy the book – I really hope to see more things like this to promote books in the future, for the books themselves and also to encourage more people to read =)

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