Fiance’s birthday – The joy of giving gifts

Last week it was my fiance’s birthday. Luckily he was off work (I say luckily as he’s been living here over a week now and it’s the only day off he’s had so far) so we were able to spend the day together. We didn’t do a lot as he’d been working a lot and we were all pretty run down (which has turned into colds all round this week).

The boy and I did bake him a yummy chocolate and vanilla marble cake, though. Well, I say the boy and I… The boy barely helped and mostly just whinged that it took too long to cook, hehe, that’s his brand of helping anyway!

The recipe is really weird and although it was made in a silicone loaf tin, the recipe seems to be for a bigger tin (though it’s meant to be for a loaf cake) and so it spreads out and makes a Massive cake that actually lasted almost a week!
I wanted to do a post about the gifts that I got him, primarily, so that’s what the rest of this post is. It’s not a ‘look how much of a good fiance I am’ post, that’s not what I want to do at all, I just wanted to share these things as they may get mentioned again in future posts, and also as gift ideas. So here’s the list:
This is the main present I got for him and it’s a ticket for a very weird event called ‘2.8 hours later’ – Put simply, crazy people decide to get together and play a scary, horror version of tag and people run around big cities being chased by zombies… yup. I kid you not.

This is something that The Fiance has wanted to do for a long time now but hasn’t, really, been able to justify the money for, so I decided to get it for his birthday. I think he’s utterly insane for wanting to do it but he’s really looking forward to it.

This is a t-shirt from one of our favourite t-shirt companies, Qwertee . They’re a company that do really cool tee’s for one day at a time, and once they’re gone they’re gone. Every three months or so they do an event called ‘Insanitee’ where you can buy a mystery tee for a reduced price and you’ll get whatever they send you, in the size you specify. I’ve had a couple and got one good, one bad, The Fiance, though, has had about five and they’ve all been Fab! As such I got him another instanitee for his birthday and this is what he got. If you can’t see properly, it’s a very english cup of tea pushing a takeaway coffee cup into a hole shouting ‘This is england’ in a 300, spartan sort of way – It’s not a tee that either he or I would’ve bought, but it’s just so so funny so he’s really pleased with it. It’s also very very him, he loves tea.
This is another top from Qwertee, but this is one I bought on the day it was available on the site. The Fiance loves Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit but doesn’t have a t-shirt for either of them, which is weird as he has a t-shirt addiction, and he had no money when this one came out so I bought it for him. If you can’t see the letters in the grid, just click to enlarge.

This is a really weird Japanese special effects makeup book. As I said before about running around being chased by zombies, The Fiance also likes to dress up as a zombie once a year and he goes on a really great event, ‘The Birmingham Zombie walk’ – Over the past two years he’s been doing his own makeup and he’s learned some great tips and done it really well, so I thought I book would really help him learn some more. As it happens this probably isn’t the sort of thing that’ll help him in the way that I hoped but it’s full of awesome, really abstract images of some great looks.  

Another book (he loves books); this is ‘The Hobbit: Chronicles’ it’s a massive, really beautiful book full of pictures, photos and descriptions of how the film of The Hobbit was made, details about the characters and drawings of how things looked before they were made real. It’s an absolutely beautiful book and I know that The Fiance is going to love looking through it.

This was a bit of a random gift, but there’s a company that does ‘awareness bands’ with weird things written n and this one says ‘I support Zombie awareness’ – The Fiance used to have a wrist band but it got lost so I got him this to replace it – They’re not cheap, but it’s a zombie one, well worth it!  

Another random little gift. He also loves lego – This was in a sale so I picked it up as a little joke gift. As it happens, The Boy has become totally obsessed with it and has watched it over and over since last weekend; it’s been a life saver whilst we’ve been poorly as we’ve not been able to do a lot other than snuggle on the sofa.
Another dvd, well a Blu-Ray – More zombie related stuff, this about zombies found at the centre of the earth, I believe. Also in the play sale, seemed like the sort of film The Fiance watches, I quite like bad horrors too so we shall see what it’s like.

This one is a Proper bad horror – How could a film called ‘Cockneys vs Zombies’ not be great?! Can’t wait until we can sit down and watch this together.

This is an anime series which I watched a couple of episodes of a few years back and it’s always stuck with me. I saw it on a website and it was a really reasonable price so I decided to get it as I thought the Fiance would like it. I did worry, though, as it might seem as though I’d bought it more for me than  him (which is why I got him the extra Qwertee) – But, as it happens, when he opened it, it turns out he has read some of the manga and really loved it so he was really excited about this gift. So pleased it worked out this way.
I also got him a poster, another cheap little random gift, of lego figures sat on a beam, as builders, like the famous image. Weird, but kinda cool, no idea where it’ll go when we get our own place but I’m sure we’ll find somewhere.

Thank goodness I am obsessed with planning ahead and started buying gifts for both The Fiance and The Boy not long after Xmas, otherwsie if I’d left it too late we’d have been at the out of money point and I’d have been stuck for getting them things. I got The Fiance quite a lot but this is the last birthday before we move out and get our own place, so next year I won’t be able to get him anywhere near as much, so I wanted to spoil him one last time. I think I managed to do that.

A few of these bits may well be mentioned in the future, film reviews and the likes, so that’s the main reason I wanted to post. Also wanted to share gift ideas for guys, sometimes these man shaped people can be tricky to buy for =D 


  1. MermaidinJeans March 24, 2013 / 1:02 pm

    You know we really need pictures of your blokey all zombified up. I now have the hugest craving for marble cake, not made it in ages….

  2. admin March 24, 2013 / 2:19 pm

    Hehe I've got one on my laptop, I'll do a post this week maybe, I'd have to find out which photographer took them from the zombie walk, though, there's some really ace ones 😀 He was zombie spiderman last year

    Mm it was good cake, Ethan wants to bake today but it seems daft baking when poorly 'Germ cake anyone?!'

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