Glamour Magazine – April 2013 edition – A really important article and a fab freebie

I’ve never really read magazines very much, not since I was much younger anyway and, as such, I’ve never read Glamour magazine before. If I’m honest, the thing that drew me to it was seeing people talking about all of the fab freebies they so, and then also seeing the price; now that I’m more interested in beauty and fashion I thought that maybe it’s something I would have some interest in now.

So, I bought my first issue a short while ago. This  months issue came with a choice of Percy & Reed hair products, a shampoo, conditioner, a finishing polish or a volumising no oil oil. I got the oil and I’m actually really pleased with it – It does good things for my hair, doesn’t weigh it down and doesn’t feel it feeling gross and dirty like some products too.

Overall, though, I was really pleased with the whole magazine. I expected to just skim through it but I actually sat and read it from cover to cover; there was some really interesting fashion and beauty bits, there was some enjoyable articles about lifestyle and also some interesting stuff including how men perceive their bodies. The article that stood out, though, the most was ‘I didn’t realise it was abuse’ one of the titles which was on the cover. The article covers some really difficult ideas but it talks about some massively important things which a lot of people, both men and women, could benefit from learning.

I know this isn’t the lighter, happier, stuff I try to write about most of the time, but it’s important and it’s real. This article covered the topic of abuse in relationships and aspects of abuse that many don’t realise are abuse at all. It talks about controlling behaviours and ways in which your partner can treat you which you might find troubling, unsettling or downright scary but that you might just shrug off as them being a bit weird – Things that actually construe as abuse and that can, over time, really damage a persons esteem and mental health. These things can also escalate into much more dangerous behaviours, too.

I’m so pleased to see an article talking about something like this. Something that, until recently, hasn’t really been recognised. If you pick up a magazine any time soon, pick up this one and read that article. I’ve not gone in to it in any detail because this would become a massively long post, and I won’t plagiarise from the article which says it just perfectly itself.

Even if you don’t read this article, always be aware that abuse does not have to be physical, it can take many forms, and if your partner Ever does anything that you are uncomfortable with, unhappy with or that upsets you, you don’t have to just take it.

I won’t go in to a lot of detail, but some years ago this information could have helped me, a lot. It might not have done because sometimes even knowing the information isn’t enough – But maybe if someone who knew me had seen this sort of thing they may have seen signs and been able to help.

Happier posts to follow, I promise. And there was Plenty of happier, more upbeat, stuff in Glamour too!

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