High street haul – Bought with birthday money – Primark, boots, superdrug, poundland

The fiance had to go in to his new job for a few hours, the other day, and I needed to put my birthday money into the bank so I thought that a bit of birthday money shopping was in order. I want to make my money go a long way so, as is often the case, this was some good bargain shopping; I just can’t help myself with a good bargain.

First of all there’s just a couple of bits from poundland, they’re pretty self explanatory:

I had a real search through things to find these two. The rimmel polish is called ‘Rose praline’ and the ‘Chit chat’ one is just labelled ‘violet’. They had a few of these glitter polishes by chit chat (I’ve never heard of them before but they look like nice glitters); there was a rainbow one a lot like the Technic one I featured in my Nail of the day a while ago; the technic one was an ebay bargain but for £1 this would’ve been an even bigger bargain. There was also a copper coloured glitter and I’m not sure why I didn’t buy it but I think I will if it’s still there next time I go in. 
In superdrug the MUA stand called out to me, as always, so I picked up a few more bits of theirs. I have been wanting to try out some colours when it comes to eye shadows so I thought that the Starry Night palette might be nice as it has some softer colours as well as some silvers and greys. I also picked up one of the Intense kisses lip glosses in ‘Stolen kisses’ which is a lovely deep shimmery red colour, and a peachy coloured gloss from their Sheer finishes range called ‘Happy Days’. Lastly I decided to get one of their £1 liquid eye liners as I really want to try out using liquid liner and as I like most other MUA products I thought this would be a good place to start experimenting.

I keep hearing good things about the Natural collections blushes, by boots so I decided to pop in and have a look. Some of the items from Natural collections were on a 3 for £5 offer (rather than £1.99 each) so I decided to get two of the blushes and a lip gloss as well. I got ‘Peach Melba’ as it’s the one that’s most talked about, and ‘Sugar plum’ in the blushes and I got ‘Barley sugar’ in the gloss. The gloss doesn’t have much colour to it but it has a nice shimmer so will probably go nicely over some lipsticks or a stain, and the blushes seem really nice, too, so I look forward to using them all.

The main reason I went in to primark was for underwear and face cloths, but I did end up buying a beautiful jumper, too, so I wanted to post, but didn’t want to just post one item. So, here I am posting a picture of pants. The underwear I did get was all either from their £1 section or was reduced to £1 from their £1.70 section, and I also got a nice set (the teal in the back) for £3. I also picked up three face cloths in a plum shade for £1.50 which is fab as I just wanted to have more in rotation so that I can wash them more regularly.
The thing I love, though, is the jumper. It’s a really fine, thin knit. It’s so soft, and it’s quite sheer – It’ll be perfect for the inbetween weather that’ll, hopefully, be heading our way; when it’s no longer winter but spring isn’t quite as warm as we hope. I absolutely love the colour, it’s a soft sandy sort of shade, but it’s also got some cream in it. It’s so so soft and it’s just lovely, it was £6. I really struggle getting good pictures of clothes, I need to set up the tripod so that I can get some pics of me wearing them rather than just laid out on a table or bed, but here’s a picture of it unfolded:


  1. KateM March 9, 2013 / 5:35 pm

    I love starry night was my first mua palette and what made me fall in love with the brand. I am addicted to the palette with 24 shades in at the moment. Some lovely pieces here. I love underwear from primark so cheap yet really pretty.

    Kate @ sparkle dust xx

    • admin March 9, 2013 / 11:11 pm

      I'm not surprised it did, it's a beautiful palette. I had the immaculate collection for ages but I just tend to avoid colour shadows, I have very little visible lid space when my eyes are open, plus with the glasses, a lot of shadows are wasted on me, which is why I tend to go for neutrals to just define the eye a bit more (in theory lol) – So my immaculate palette went to the fiance for his makeup collection (nothing like that, lol, he dresses up as a zombie and does his own special effects so lots of eye shadow colours are really useful for him)

      Yeah, I just love primark in general. My whole image has undergone a major overhaul this past year, and this past few months more so and if it weren't for primark I'd never have managed it 🙂

    • admin March 10, 2013 / 9:25 pm

      Thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

      I really can't get enough of MUA products at the moment!

      Oh wow thank you so much! I did a Liebster award post last month so I'll have to have a think about whether or not I'm ready to do another, but if I'm not I'll certainly do a thank you post linking back to you at least 🙂

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