Monday, 25 March 2013

Kids are flippin' funny #12

The Boy absolutely loves 'helping' in the kitchen. If he hears someone starting to prepare things, be it lunch, a meal or a cup of tea, he'll go into the den, drag a chair into the kitchen and start going 'I'm getting started!'

So, when my mum was doing a roast last week, I wasn't entirely surprised to be greeted by him, on his chair, with a colander full of cauliflower leaves and stalks, and a wooden spoon:

He did mixing, and squashing, snapping and pelling - He made a right mess, had a lovely time and smelled soo bad of cauliflower afterwards! 


  1. Let him do anyting he wants in the kitchen...a kind of self development...

    1. That's what we try to do :) He loves being in the kitchen