Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kids are flippin' Funny #14

This afternoon The Boy spent some time with Grandad. Grandad had a tap to fix up in their bedroom so my little guy went up with him to watch and was, surprisingly, well behaved.

But the thing that he enjoyed the most was something he asks for a lot and that's to 'play planet' - In more understandable terms this is to play 'Little Big Planet' on the Playstation 3 - Most of the time The Boy will just watch Grandad play but more recently he's been given the controller himself and is actually starting to understand how to play a bit.

Ok so I don't want him becoming a full on gamer just yet, but he's coming from a family of gamers, he's going to get into it at some point and goodness me it was cute to go in there and find him sat there, really concentrating, trying to make the little character do things! So so cute


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