Latest in beauty order – Bought with birthday money – March 2013

I love Latest in beauty – I’m going to say this is obvious by how many posts I have about them and how positive those posts always are. So, it was quite an easy decision to spend some of my birthday money on bits from them. When I got an email from them with a 20% off code off a £20 spend I found that it was an even easier decision to make!

Anyway, on to the bits that I got.

Firstly, I decided to get the ‘Beauty from within’ collection which they currently have for £8. I’m not sure what I think of supplements and the likes, as things haven’t really worked for me before but I thought I’d give this a go as it is an interesting selection from a company that I already like and trust. The collection includes, pure gold collagen (1 bottle), a bottle of 60 ‘Femergy’ tablets, a sample size of Lizis granola, a sample box of Sun Chlorela ‘a’ tablets, a sample one temple pack of Tea Pigs peppermint tea and two sample packs of 15 Green Tea extract pills – I’m not going to go into huge detail as to what each of these things is meant to do as that’ll make this post a lot bigger than it’s already going to be. The concept of this box, though, is to promote beauty from the inside out.
I am impressed with the size of the ‘Femergy’ tablets sample as, if you take two a day, as their website says, it’ll be a months worth (though I’m probably going to take one as I read that elsewhere) – I’m really interested to see if they have any benefits as I’m always looking for something that’ll make me feel better.
I, initially, thought that the Sun Chlorella ‘a’ sample was a good size, too, as it has 15 tablets in, so I thought that’d be half a month, but then I read that you’re meant to start taking two and work up to taking 15 a day – So this sample really wouldn’t last long – I think I’ll try taking one a day!
Similarly, the green tea is meant to be two a day, so this would on’y last a week or so, but I’m going to try and take just one a day and see if that makes any difference for me.
Obviously with the tea pigs and the granola I knew what sizes they were and was only expecting one use, I’ve not tried either of them yet but I love granola and the fiance and I were thinking about trying out some tea pigs so these will both be great to test.
The pure gold collagen was the one I was least interested in, anyway, as I couldn’t see myself being bothered buying it even if it did work – But when I discovered that the one bottle was only one days worth, I reaffirmed my decision. I will try it but I can’t imagine I’ll get much benefit out of just the one days use. I think this’ll be good for someone who would be interested in a supplement meant to restore youth to the skin, though.
All in all, for £8 I think the collection is fab and I think it’s a great way to try out some interesting new supplements and see if they’re any good. The ‘Femergy’ alone retails at between £9-£11 so that alone is worth more than the box itself.
Anyway, enough rambling. I decided to buy some of the luxury samples that I had my eye on for a while. Unfortunately some of the ones I had wanted were out of stock, but I still managed to get a few bits and then got some duplicates of things that I like (or am saving as I know I’ll like) from the advent calendar earlier this year, in order to take it up to the £20.
Japoneseque beauty fixation makeup remover swabs. These are just prefilled cotton buds with makeup remover in which you can use for neatening up your makeup if you’ve made mistakes or for taking out and about to neaten your makeup on the go. They were only £1 so I thought they’d be a handy thing to have.
Nais Inc in Porchester square is a polish that I know a Lot of people have. I’ve wanted to try out a nails inc polish for some time, but they’re so expensive that I’ve always stopped myself. Well this one was £5 from LIB so I just had to order it. I’m wearing it as I type and it’s really true that expensive polishes are so much nicer to apply, and the colour is just so so nice.
I have a full sized can of the cherry batiste but this was a small can for just £1 and I thought it’d be handy for if I needed something out and about, or if it’s just a cheap one to have once my other has run out.
The others are just duplicates from the advent calendar, the Balm Balm lip balm which I love, the Loccitane hand cream which is really nice, the aromatherapy associates, revive oil and the trilogy rosehip antioxidant oil.





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