Tuesday, 19 March 2013

LIB - Latest In Beauty - Little beauty box for March 2013

This is just a quick post to show what I got in my Latest in Beauty 'Little Beauty Box' for March - Just so that people have an idea what samples they get if they decide to take a look and order a box for themselves. See the website here. Just to remind people, Little beauty boxes aren't like other beauty boxes, they're only £1.50 and you get three little samples; but you get to choose what you want to try - I really like them and have a nice collection of things to try; most of the samples are quite small but some are bigger than others.

Firstly I have the Sanctuary - 30 Day Thermal Transformation mask. The sachets seem quite big so I might try and get two uses out of this. I've heard good things about it so I think this'll be nice to try out.

This is a small, 2ml, sample sachet of Melvita Apicosma Ultra-nourishing face cream. I'll only get one use out of it, but it's got honey in which is quite appealing and Melvita are a brand I'd like to know more about, I just feel like I'd like them though I don't know why. So, again, looking forward to this one.  

This is the Lavera Liposome Intensive Night cream. It's the night version of what I got in my February box, I think, so I've been saving those so that I can use them together - I should have about a weeks worth which is quite a nice amount considering how affordable these little boxes are. 


  1. The first ones in this months birch box x

    1. Yes, I do remember seeing that :) Didn't get one in mine but then that's worked out nicely with me already having one :) xx

  2. Some good samples here! Only purchase the £1.50 samples from Latest in Beauty once before (I do love their bigger boxes they offer) but I'm thinking I should order from them again after reading your post so thank you :)

    Fee x

    1. I love them, it's not the same excitement as other beauty boxes but I'm building up a great supply of samples to start going through soon :)

      Also, if you've not seen, yet, LIB are doing an Estee Lauder collection box at the mo -Looks really rather fab :)