My Cosmetics storage – March 2013

I just wanted to do a quick post about my cosmetics storage. Now this isn’t all of my storage, I’ve got things which are in a big cosmetics box that I have, these photos are just to show the stuff that I have out on my set of drawers, on show and in pretty storage things. 

This is the left side of my setup – Lipsticks in an acrylic stand from ebay, perfumes, my little ‘Mummy’ plaque from mothers day, my real techniques powder brush and a pretty, white metal work pen pot with eyeliners and mascaras in mostly.

This is the centre point of my setup and it’s the beautiful piece that my mum decorated for me which I posted about a few weeks ago. She’s since added the beautiful butterflies to it so I love it even more. In here I keep all my brushes, real techniques in the right section and all the others in the left. And then in the other four parts it’s more lipsticks and lip glosses.

And, finally, on the right, this is a ‘Box in box’ thing from ebay. It comes flat and you fold up all of the boxes which all slot inside the one bigger box. It’s really really handy and, as you can see, I keep all sorts in there. I was planning on doing a post about it but it’s not really all that interesting without things in it!

In the back right hand, tall, box I keep four of my favourite MUA palettes, the left hand one has a few tools in it like eyelash curlers, nail dotting tools etc. The big bix running across the middle has foundations, cream eye shadows, powders and blushes and then the little boxes in the front have more lip glosses, more cream eye shadows, eye shadow pigments and then lip balms and my mua lipsticks.

And this is the whole set up from a little further back. I really love it, it’s so nice and organized it makes it so much easier to choose what I want to use from day to day. As I said above, I have various things kept in a cosmetics box that I have and that’s mostly single eye shadows and a few other blushes and things. I currently keep all of my nail polishes in one big box but I did get an acrylic stand with some of my birthday money so once I decide where that’s going to go I’ll post about that little set up too. Hope some of the storage ideas I’ve got on here are of help to some people, ebay has been fantastic for finding most of it for me!

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