My Dainty Doll Collection – Swatches

I said I’d do a post of my Dainty doll collection swatches so here they are. 

To stop this being any more photo intensive than it already is, I’m going to link back to my original haul posts for you to see these colours in the pan – My first Dainty Doll haul is here and the second is here (scroll further down to the bottom for DD)

Firstly, I’d like to say that I know that a lot of the photos are pale, that’s because the products are pale, they’re designed for pale skin and so they’re subtle, soft colours that complement that sort of skin, that’s why I love them so so much. 

So, firstly for the lipsticks – As you’ll see, they’re beautifully pigmented – Left is ‘Storm in a teacup 008’, middle ‘Baby Love 006’ right ‘Couture 001’
This is the two concealers that I got – Left is the Concealer pen in ‘It’s a kind of magic 003’ and right is cream concealer ‘Abracadabra 003’ – Both of which are medium.

This is the eyeshadow which doesn’t look much swatched but on a pale eyelid it just looks beautiful, I wear this a lot. It’s ‘Treat her like a lady 002’ 

These two swatches are cream blushes – They’re very subtle but are just beautiful stippled on the apples of the cheek – Left is ‘Paper Roses 001’ and right is ‘Billion Dollar Babies 003’ 

These are the powder blushes. I managed to get really similar colours in both the powder and cream blushes, but I like that that means I have both mediums in such beautiful shades. Left is ‘My Girl 002’ and right is ‘Money Talks 003’
This is the liquid foundation, which I Love. This is in shade ‘003 Medium’

Lastly, here are swatches for the eye liners that I got in my latest haul. These aren’t the best liners ever, they drag a little on application, the black is better in pigmentation and texture than the teal colour but I do love the shade of the teal one. The black is ‘Proud Mary 001’ and the teal is ‘Shake your tail 004’.


  1. KateM March 18, 2013 / 9:40 am

    Beautiful swatches. Have ordered some dainty doll products on behalf of my boyfriend for my birthday. There wasn't loads left on fragrance direct has i looked around for reviews my list got a little smaller, i ordered a cream blush on amazon because i really really wanted it and they ran out. These are lovely for us paleys 🙂

    kate @ sparkle dust x

    • admin March 18, 2013 / 9:50 am

      Thanks =)

      I'm really so happy with the products, they're absolutely gorgeous. It's a shame that a lot of them went, I got my first set of stuff a good few weeks ago and by the time I even came to write the post to tell everyone it was out of stock. Thank goodness most of it came back in to stock a couple of weeks later as lots of people have been able to get it now =)

      Hope you enjoy what you've got, I'm sure you will xx

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