My Karen Hallion t-shirt – Best t-shirt Ever

This is something I ordered with my birthday money, but it was coming from the U.S. so took a little longer to get here than the other things I bought. I hadn’t, actually, heard of this artist before which is amazing as she’s just utterly fantastic and I Should have known about her, but I’m so so glad that I have now. Her name is Karen Hallion and you can find her on Facebook HERE.

She does a whole variety of designs, but the ones that caught my eye the most are the Disney princess mixed with Dr Who ones; I am a huge huge Dr Who fan and the concept of these is just magical.

I’m editing this as this part, previously, said that Karen Hallion’s Ariel and Dr Who t-shirt is on Qwertee today, which it was when I posted this but they’re a one day only site so it’s not available anymore. Thankfully I was able to relocate some money put aside for something else that we don’t need right now in order to get the Ariel tee, and also get a different one for The Fiance, only fair to treat us both!

Ordinarily, Karen Hallion’s tshirts are only available in the US – But if you really love them then most of the sites do post to the UK, which is how I got my Belle one. Obviously there are some instances where they’re available here but it doesn’t seem too often so definitely worth looking in to getting them from the US, these designs are just not to be missed!

It was an absolute no brainer to go for the Belle design as, even though I’d never thought about it much before, Belle is the Disney princess I love the most. She’s a book geek, that alone makes her the perfect princess to me!

I absolutely love the concept of this whole range of tops, too. The idea of the Dr going to take a Disney princess as his companion, just perfect. I think Belle would be the most amazing companion.

Here’s me in the tee, sorry it’s not perfectly centred I’m reeaaally bad at taking pics of myself!
It’s lucky, really, that I’ve just started broadening my horizons when it comes to more colourful clothes, I used to be just black, purple, grey and the odd bit of red so the green would have been too much but I really really like it!Definitely, definitely check this lady out, she’s wonderful, I mean Disney princesses and Dr Who?! Genius, absolute genius!

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