My lovely birthday gifts – Including Primark and Soap & Glory

Just thought I’d share a few photos of the lovely gifts I got for my birthday. I chose the ones I got from my Mum (Plus she gave me a bit of money), so they weren’t a surprise, but that’s hardly a bad thing as they were things I really wanted. I had a couple of bits from the fiance to open on the day, but as I said in the post earler in Feb, my main gift from him is a few months subscription to Glossybox which I’ve had the first from, but the rest are yet to come, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving! I also got some rather cool bits from my best friend. Everyone else gave me money, which is why there’s going to be some posts showing the things I’m getting with that, in the coming weeks.

The shirt is sheer with this pattern in it
This bag, top and floral printed skater dress were all from my mum. They’re all from primark and I chose them myself, I absolutely love them all. 
These soap and glory bits were also from my mum, and I also chose this. I’ve wanted to try the gloss sticks for ages and so I chose the one in the shade ‘Plum Jam’, plus I wanted to try the extreme plump gloss in the berry shade. I’m also almost out of my ‘Glow all out’ powder, as shown in my Jan favourites, so have got a backup now as it’s an absolute must have in my collection.
These bits of jewellery were all made by my lovely friend over at ‘Little Roo’s Creations’. The fiancee won the bracelet in the middle in a competition that was run on the facebook page, and he said I could have it for my birthday. Deborah made the turquoise, teal and purple necklace and bracelet set for me based on a list of colours I gave her, which my mum paid for for my birthday. And the beautiful rose quartz piece on the left was just from her folder of things currently for sale, and I bought that myself as it was a bargainous £10. 

These are the bits that the fiance got for me to open on the day. He had planned to take me out for a meal in the evening, but because I was poorly that wasn’t possible so he made a quick trip to town to pick me up these bits instead. He got me one of the poundland bargain Rimmel eyeshadows in a lovely purple shade, and two books ‘The Escapement’ by K.J. Parker and ‘The story of my face’ by Kathy Page. He also got me some malteaser bunnies, which he’d bought before he knew he needed to do a quick shop for extra bits, as they’re my easter obsession.

And these are the things I got from my best friend. The kitty is meant to be the ‘Soft kitty warm kitty’ from the song in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and it’s supposed to sing the tune, but unfortunately it seems the batteries have run out so I need to buy some more to appreciate it in its full glory; it is a rather cute kitty even without the singing though. He also got me some of the Guylain praline shells which he knows I love, which I’ve not had in ages, since he bought me some for xmas a while back. And lastly he got me a cool room diffuser by Jelly Belly which is the cherry scented one.

I think I got some lovely, fun gifts this year, I can’t wait to get the rest of my Glossy boxes and I’ve enjoyed spending the money I’ve spent so far. I’ve got some posts to go up in the next couple of weeks which show some of the things I’ve already bought, plus I’ve put the money that’s left to one side to see if I can save it and get something next month, or later, when I’ve got less money and have the urge for a bit of a spend!

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