Sunday, 10 March 2013

NOTD - Nail of the day - Nails Inc. 'Porchester square' and Revlon 'Sequins'

I bought my first higher end nail polish just after Christmas, Essie's 'Leading Lady' just kept telling me that it needed to belong to me, what could I do?

But, other than that, my massive nail varnish collection is mostly super cheap bargain polishes or more average priced polishes which are good but they aren't high end.

Soo, when I was doing my 'Latest in beauty' order and Porchester Square by Nails Inc was available for £5, out came that voice again, the one that sang to me and told me it needed to be here.

I love it. I love all my nail polishes, I'm a nail polish loony, but you can tell when something's high end - It's just that simple.

So here is my nail of the day, Porchester Square on all of the nails but with Revlon 'Sequins' in gold as a top coat on the left thumb and right ring finger.


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