Poorly, won’t be a lot of posts

Yup, you read right, I’m poorly again!

It’s only become proper poorly today but the past few days I’ve been really really exhausted (even more than I normally am due to fibro) and pretty run down. I’m hoping it won’t get bad, but I am feeling really rather poopy this evening (writing this thursday evening but posting it on Friday morning)

The boy was poorly a couple of days ago, but has become better quite quickly. That said, when we were poorly around my birthday he was only poorly for a day and I was poorly for a week and a half – So who knows?!

So yes, just so you all know, there’s not just one buggy/cold/flu thing going around, there’s at least two!

Thankfully I had a few posts half written, or mostly drafted which I’ve scheduled to go up over the next few days, but there won’t be a lot going on, only one post a day and nothing massive – But that’s life when we’re poorly I guess!

There will be, at least, one big post next week, though, regardless of whether or not this develops into proper poorly or gets better by tomorrow and that’s going to be our post for the final stage of the BigJigs play patrol application! As I said in the post a short while ago, linked HERE, we’re in the final 12 of those who applied to be a part of the BigJigs play patrol! We got sent the toy which we’re going to be reviewing, the other day, I’m giving The Boy another day or so to play with the toy so that I can really make sure I see what he likes about it, and any quibbles he has, so that I can get a really good review written up.

So, for those who’re here for the parenting side of things, watch this space – A review of a fab bigjigs toy will be up before Wednesday next week!

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